Dana Loesch: RINOs Should be Primaried

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Dana Loesch

Dana Loesch

Conservative, Tea Party babe and radio talk show host Dana Loesch is fired up and on target, targeting anti-Republican-values RINOs who want to sell out the freedom and prosperity of the American people.

In the third hour of her November 12 podcast, she had this to say:

The focus until we head into midterms, needs to be on your state legislatures and on your state government, your state governor rather. Your state leadership. The states have a Tenth Amendment right to say no, they’re not going to set up a health care exchange, they’re not going to allow the federal government to bastardize the General Welfare Clause and try to argue “implied powers.” That’s how unbelievably flip and weak their argument is. They can’t point to anything in the Constitution to support what they’re trying to do, so instead they’re going to go with the weak argument of “implied powers.”

And by the way, if you read the minutes going along to drafting that phrase, you had a number of founding fathers who wanted “expressedly,” they wanted “expressedly” into that phrase so that it would read as though “the powers expressedly in the Constitution” and so forth. There’s no support for their [liberals] logic.

It’s up to state legislatures to stand up to this. Your focus needs to be on these people. I look at it as this: any Republican–representative, senator, state or federal–who supports health care exchanges being set up in the state needs to be primaried. I don’t care who you are, I don’t care how nice you’ve been to us in the past. It’s a clean slate now. We’re not in this to be friends with you. You work for us. Anyone who supports an exchange being created in the state should be primaried. Period.

And then looking at taxation and the fiscal cliff, any Republican–senator, representative–who supports increasing taxes on Americans (and for those who say, ‘well it’s for those making $250,000 and up,’ do you know how many people file as individuals, and they look like rich people but they’re not, they’re business owners who filed as individuals, they’re going to be hammered, you economic illiterates!)…those people, any Republican who supports that should be primaried. Run ’em out.

The Republican Party is going to find that they’re going to be held to an even higher standard now. See, we listened to you for two elections. You’re going to listen to us now, or we’ll take over your party, or create a third one.

A couple of years ago, South Dakota’s “Republican” legislature stood stubbornly against any effort to resist ObamaCare, and stealthily passed ObamaCare health care exchange legislation on us (while other states were fighting it).  After taking $6.9 million of taxpayer-funded largess, RINO Gov. Daugaard then came to the “conclusion” that ObamaCare health care exchanges just wouldn’t work for South Dakota. Uh huh.  Now that he’s fleeced the taxpayers for a cool $6.9 million and demonstrated to the U.S. Supreme Court that South Dakota really isn’t serious about opposing ObamaCare, he decides it “won’t work” for us. How convenient.

We let a number of RINOs get away from us here in South Dakota during primary season. We weren’t ready. We’ve tried and tried and tried to be nice, only to have RINO Gov. Dennis Daugaard and his fellow RINOs make open war on people who genuinely believe in the Republican Party’s values and agenda. We realized too late in the game the depths to which these liberals-in-disguise would sink.  We got rid of several, but there are more who need to go.

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We need to be busy RIGHT NOW, asking our elected representatives to toss out the RINO leadership that has for the past few years advanced liberal policies while standing in the way of conservative ones, and put fresh, new leadership in the legislature for the 2013 session. State Senate leadership has already been chosen; the House–where we have seen the most rampant liberalism from “Republicans”–is scheduled to be decided this weekend, so get in touch with your elected representatives NOW.

We also need to RIGHT NOW be busy recruiting, grooming, and equipping real Republican candidates at all levels of government.



The RINOs have the money. The RINOs have the influence. The RINOs have the powerful friends and connections.

But we have what is right and what is Right on our side, as we do the Republican Platform itself. Let’s roll!

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  • SDJammer

    Dana has it right – TAKE IT TO THEM IN THE PRIMARIES. From now up through the 2014 primaries is when the RINO war must be waged. We must win the battles that we can, gain the ground that we can, but then DON’T shoot ourselves in the foot when it comes to “certain” general election races.