Will Voters Back A Party That Doesn’t Believe Its Own Values?

elephantsRichard Viguerie’s latest article asks the question that every conservative, every Republican, needs to ask themselves and ask everyone, if they have any aspirations whatsoever of not just advancing Republican values (let us acknowledge right that there are some Republicans who don’t give a flying rip about this–they just want power), but even winning elections in the future:

Can A Party With No Ideology Win?

First Viguerie debunks the RINO bilge that Romney (hold on, you’re about to enter a George Orwell universe, here) lost because he was too conservative:

The right-to-life, Obama’s war on religion and the Catholic Church, support for the traditional family – once the primaries were over, those issues were never part of Romney’s campaign — he wasn’t “running” on those issues.

He was “running” on his biography and his competence as a technocrat.

The result of Romney’s content-free non-ideological campaign was that when the Democrats launched their “war on women” attacks, Mitt Romney and the national GOP never answered them in an ideological way.

Romney lost the fight on those issues because he was never in the fight on those issues.

Then to the heart of the matter:

why would anyone, especially a conservative, support a Party with no conservative ideology?…Conservative ideas appeal to voters of all races and ethnic backgrounds if you bother to try and communicate them.

This Leftist-originated idea that the Republican Party must abandon its conservative values in order to appeal to blacks and Hispanics is complete garbage–garbage with no purpose other than to make the GOP even more irrelevant than its RINO herdmasters have already made it.

Conservative values (healthy families, limited government, freedom, protecting marriage, the free market, protecting innocent human life, fiscal responsibility, law and order, respect for the U.S. Constitution, justice, equality of opportunity, equal justice before the law, etc.) are of equal value and equal importance to all Americans, regardless of their skin color. Indeed, people of all colors (e.g. Marco Rubio, Allen West) recognize that the American way (exemplified politically by conservatism) is the best way in the world.

But if RINOs adopt the same racism of lowered expectations displayed by liberals in the Democrat Party and assume that ethnic minorities are incapable of understanding or appreciating American values, and therefore won’t even bother promoting those values to them, then these political demographics will likely never see the superiority of freedom over pandered freebies; liberals aren’t the slightest bit bashful in peddling their corrosive wares, while conservatives seem afraid of their own shadow (and liberals like and cultivate this fear in conservatives).

As I have put it recently, why should the average American (unaligned, independent, or at best only nominally aligned with the Republican Party) pin its hopes on a party that doesn’t even act like it believes in its own values and agenda? Why should unaligned Americans believe in conservative value when the Republican Party (the party everyone associates with conservative values because–duh!–the party’s platform is conservative) when the Republican Party doesn’t even act like it believes in its own values?  Why should the American people believe Republicans deserve their vote when Republicans don’t act like they believe in their own agenda?

If you’re afraid to boldly articulate and promote your own professed philosophy, why should anyone else put their trust in it? 

The answer is simple: as long as “Republicans” act like they don’t believe in Republican values, neither will the average unaligned American.

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