What is ‘Racial Blending’ And Is It Negative?

racialI see that Brad Ford at The Right Side has added some context to a recent controversial piece he wrote.

The article in question made the following observation:

“Gay sex will prosper, racial blending will see a surge, women will be prominent in the consumer-driven workforce…”

Since “racial blending” was included with one thing that conservatives realize is immoral (homosexual behavior), and one that has been controversial and for which Leftists like to falsely portray conservatives as bigots (women in the workforce), one could easily surmise that Mr. Ford saw the blending of races (i.e. in marriage) to be a negative thing.  In the light of any additional evidence to support or dispel that conclusion, it’s fair to draw that conclusion. When you don’t have any other information to go on…which none of the liberals (regardless of what letter they have after their name) were concerned about when they publicly blew a gasket last week.

You expect playground antics of a hysterical nature from Leftists like Cory Heidelberger (they are still deplorable, but we’ve come to know what to expect from liberals), but we really haven’t expected such fits from websites that call themselves “Republican”…until now.

Today’s article shed this additional light on what he meant by “racial blending”:

Gay sex has always been around, racial blending has remained a part of our culture, and women have always made names for themselves in various fields. But it was not “in your face” activism. The goal of television programming is not just to normalize, but to promote. Indoctrination itself has become normalized, therefore hidden from attention.

Since no one seems to have read my post of August 8th this year, let me add a relevant quote: “Conservatives who support colorblindness as their standard rightly object to having racial programming forced upon them under various guises. Same would be the case for all Americans who sympathetically support paraplegics, for example. But how many want to have themselves and children immersed by a minute-by-minute diet of forced wheelchair-walker programming that would surely have the opposite effect? Even liberals wouldn’t stand for it. Who is to say that the left isn’t in charge of racism today? Neither FDR or Charles Krauthammer ever felt the need to get in your face with their disabilities. Consequently, we see both of them for what they really are, full-fledged human beings.”

It is now clear to see that Ford was talking about this in-your-face self-righteous insistence of the Left to get in Americans’ face and preach about what scumbags we are, how we are all really just closet racists and how we must employ reverse-discrimination and prostrate ourselves before their highnessnesses in the hopes that enough self-flagellation might possibly earn their forgiveness and absolution. I think most would agree that the original statement could have been worded better or should have included additional elaboration and context, but in the absence of additional evidence to support a conclusion that is inconsistent with both Republican values and with what is known of the speaker, it is irresponsible to immediately go off the rails as a number of liberals did.

Woodrow Wilcox


I talked to Howie about Ford’s piece the day the controversy erupted, and though he, too, was puzzled by the apparent unsavory meaning of it, he knew Ford was not a racist, and that some context must have been missing from the piece (he later made contact with Ford and found this to indeed be the case).

I tried to point out at South Dakota’s premier RINO conservative-hating website that, since no one knows anything that indicates Gordon Howie is a racist (quite the opposite, in fact), and since he knows and trusts Mr. Ford enough to publish his articles at Howie’s website, it stands to reason that there is something unintentionally worded badly, or some context that we are missing. (It turns out there was additional evidence and context here, in an article Ford wrote about three months ago.)



Alas, I should have known better than to even try. Mr. Powers has in the past year made it clear that he is casting his lot all-in with the liberals who are infesting the South Dakota GOP, and that he is joining them in making war on those who actually believe in Republican principles and goals. In other words, as his defense of liberals and liberal votes would indicate, as well as his childish and irrational behavior display, he’s decided to come out of the closet and just behave like a liberal with minimal pretense. For those who might not know this, when facts get in the way of a liberal’s narrative, those facts are summarily and deliberately ignored at all costs. As a wise man once said, you can’t use facts to talk someone out of a position they didn’t use facts to get into in the first place.

This is far from the first time a conservative’s statement has been taken wildly out of context and duplicitously used to falsely paint a conservative as something they clearly are not. Remember Rep. Todd Akin’s poor choice of words about rape and abortion–words that were used by Democrats (and gutless liberals in the Republican Party) to paint him as a knuckle-dragger who didn’t take rape seriously.  Also remember Richard Mourdock’s statement about the sacredness God places on innocent human life, and how that was similarly twisted. Sadly, we’ve come to expect such lying propaganda from Democrats; even more sadly, now some “Republicans” hang their own out to dry in order to curry favor with liberals.

Now that Mr. Ford has made it clear what he meant, I wonder if the adolescent RINO pack will once again come out to trash people who actually believe in the values of their chosen party.  Will they see another opportunity to impress their “in crowd” liberal buddies with another urinating-in-the-wind swipe at people who believe the Republican Party’s agenda is worth supporting?

Liberals (regardless of what letter they have after their name) have never allowed themselves to be encumbered by facts or reason, but I just have to wonder if they’ll be up for another round of helping conservatives prove (as I have repeatedly done at at this juvenile RINO website) that these liberals-with-an-“R”-after-their-name, along with their apologists, don’t belong in the Republican Party.

After all, it has been understood by most Americans for many, many decades that the Republican Party is the party that stands for limited government (not government control, government regulation, and government health care schemes), freedom (not unconstitutional oppression), family (not Leftist social engineering schemes), marriage (not counterfeiting of this important institution), Second Amendment rights (not restriction of these rights, or “punishing” Second Amendment groups that expose liberal voting records), religious freedom (not silencing the voice of Christians in the public square), protecting innocent human life (not sacrificing it on the altar of sexual license) and our nation’s rich Christian heritage (not being ashamed of that heritage, and mocking and maligning Christians as “Taliban,” “kooks”,”extremists” and “wackos” as is common on Democrat and now RINO websites).

Yet this kind of behavior is all too common in the Republican Party today–and is regular fare at the aforementioned RINO website.

Then there is the matter of the documented values of the GOP which are found in both the state and national parties. As I have pointed out many, many times before, both the South Dakota and the national GOP have clearly documented for many, many years that the party stands for a consistently conservative set of issues: controlling illegal immigration, religious freedom, our religious heritage, the U.S. Constitution as the highest law of the land, the free market, limited government, fiscal responsibility, low taxes, protecting innocent human life, Second Amendment rights, and protecting marriage and family from Leftist social engineers.

How these brain trusts expect average voters to believe in the Republican Party when the Republican Party’s RINOs are communicating that the party doesn’t even believe in its own values and goals, I’ll never understand.

These usurpers in the Republican Party have made it apparent with their words and actions that, amazing as it sounds, they consider Republicans who believe in Republican values to be more of an enemy than radical Leftists like Cory Heidelberger and Bill Fleming (so long as these Leftists aren’t attacking RINOs and are going after people who take Republican values seriously, that is). So long as these liberals are bashing someone who promotes Republican values, they have free rein to trash and malign conservatives in RINO World.  Tells you where the true loyalties of these “Republicans” really lays, doesn’t it?

It should also be pointed out that, contrary to the liberal narrative (whether the liberal narrative is coming from the Democrat or the Republican Party), Republicans have since the beginning of our party prior to the Civil War, always stood for freedom for ALL Americans and equality before the law for ALL Americans (unlike the Democrat Party which has and still does fight to enslave people in America, and is still obsessed about dividing Americans by race).  Today, liberals like to play the race card because it’s easier than trying to defend their indefensible, corrosive liberal policies.

So will these liberal “Republicans” once again spit in the wind in an attempt to sully those who actually have the audacity to defend their own party’s values?  Maybe, maybe not. You have to think that sooner or later, even they will wake up and realize that when they talk like liberals and behave like liberals and defend liberals, they’re broadcasting to the world that they are in fact liberals.

But then, experience has taught me that liberals just have a hard time helping themselves when it comes to their desire to lash out against conservatives.  It’s no excuse, but they just can’t seem to help themselves.

UPDATE: I was right: because he hates so much anyone who supports the documented values of his own party and who expects party officials to uphold those values, the liberal at South Dakota’s premier RINO blog couldn’t help but lie once more.  Once more, he reveals how much in common he has with out-of-the-closet liberals in the Democrat Party. Like a dog returning to its vomit, so Pat  Powers returns to his anti-conservative lies. I’m sure the liberal “in crowd” is duly appreciative.

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