Nationally, the Evangelical Vote Stayed Home

Many of us could not imagine that Romney could lose this election, especially after four years of Obama’s radical Marxism and its social and fiscal consequences that America will NEVER recover from. All the hype and all the Romney rallies; it indeed looked like a sure victory for Romney except for one equation, the Evangelical vote. We here at the IFB have talked back and forth among ourselves since the RNC convention and with others also in the know; that if the Evangelical vote did not show up on Nov. 6th the jig would be up and Romney would lose big… and indeed he has.

Remember, the GOP and Romney gave NO place to the Evangelicalvote at the RNC convention. They outright snubbed us and that act rubbed Evangelicals the wrong way. The Evangelical vote consists of the TRUE social and moral conservatives of the party (i.e., the Right). Romney and the GOP also gave very little time to the Tea Party who is the heart of the grass root movement and the engine of the Party! The viewer ratings for the 2012 RNC convention were way down, some 40% and many of us–including myself–did not watch one lick of it. Why should we have? We knew what we were getting and many of us felt “diss’d” being left out as we were. That in its self should have set off warning bells to the RNC but in all honesty many of us who are Evangelicals were still going to vote for Romney holding our nose. It is our duty as Believers and an Americans to be salt and light (Matt. 5:13-16) and even though Romney was who he was; he was the better choice still and the lesser of the two evils for our nation. We were not going to trust in a Romney win but that a Romney win would slow down the final deterioration of our nation.

Many Evangelicals who voted for Bush in 2000 and in 2004 felt betrayed by his agreeing with and passing many of the Marxist policies of the progressive Left. To this day it still has left a bad taste in our mouth and many have NOT forgotten it. Evangelicals felt betrayed and many did not vote for McCain in 2008 which gave Marxist Obama the victory. When you add the convention snub of Romney and the GOP that was the straw that broke the elephants back.

Now we come to today, the day after the election and we once more again see that the Evangelical vote has stayed home; and in doing so have given Obama another four years to finish the job of transforming our nation and fundamentally changing our culture and way of life which includes the elimination of sound biblical Christianity. I know I am going to get a ton of hate mail for this statement, but SHAME ON YOU for sitting home and not choosing to be light and exercising your God-given right to vote (Matt. 5:13-16)! I know all sides of this argument and there is still absolutely NO excuse (Matt. 5:13-16). Your self-righteous pride, biblical ignorance and foolishness has open wide the door now for Christian persecution in our nation and the end of the freedoms we have for the furtherance of the Gospel. My friends, indeed the Day of the Lord is at hand, but WOE to any who seek to bring it about who call on the Name of Jesus Christ by being idle and slothful.This is NOT a sanctification matter and God will hold you accountable for hiding your light and voice.

In the end, this 2012 election has revealed without a shadow of a doubt that the Evangelical element has lost its salt and light (Matt. 5:13-16) and that America has absolutely no problem in FULL LIGHT re-electing a radical progressive secular Marxists to reign over us. I think of Samuel when all of Israel wanted a king and not the Lord(1 Sam. 8). It broke his heart and rightly so! He knew what was coming. Thus America in this election has said quite loudly that we DO NOT want the God-given freedom to exercise what our Founding Fathers envisioned, which was based on the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God. In doing so we have REJECTED the Judeo/ Christian values and ideals which once made this country great. We have now as a nation fully taken on the mantle of Lawlessness and the spirit of Anti Christ as our nation’s ideology and culture.

Indeed, we as Evangelicals will now see what we must surely endure under lawless administration of Barack H. Obama and many Evangelicals will be sifted and found wanting. That there… you can take to the bank!

Woodrow Wilcox


The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!

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  • Jim

    Facts please….you show no support.

    • Piobairean

      Sorry Jim, this is a ‘Fact Free’ zone. Move along, nothing to see here but the exaltation of ideology and religion over reason and science.

      • Sorry, you’re mistaking this website with a “mainstream” media website or a Leftist propaganda website (very close to the same thing these days, I know). You’ll get more facts here in five minutes than you’ll get in five days from the “mainstream” media. You just won’t like them, because they blow a hole a mile wide in the facade of your socialist fantasies.

        We exalt the truth here, which includes real religion and real science. We don’t go for the demonstrably fake religion of worship of the state, Marxist class envy, or the self-contradictory religion of evolution and the like.

        You should give the truth a try. Like a small child eating steak for the first time, it can be difficult at first, but it makes for fine dining once you get used to it.

    • the_ignorant_fisherman

      Jim, Great reply. my friend!.. One needs facts to be convinced and that I can dig!

      We (IFB) provided some links… also even Rush talked about this today (2 days later…) 3 million white vote conservatives missing who sat home… he was referring to solid conservative pro lifers and that equals evangelicals. I know many (unfortunately) who would not vote for Romney and were quite willing to allow Obama to win. In their eyes the lesser of two evils was about the same. This post was posted at 5:00 am in the morning… it was our theory at the time and the voices out there in the on the WWW have stated that many in fact did stay home…

      All the best!


  • I’m not even sure I should waste my time responding so someone who is so unbelievably stupid as to question Barack Obama’s Marxism. I find it hard to believe that an adult human being could wander through life and not ACCIDENTALLY develop a basic understanding of Marxism. And simply taking a cursory look at the things Obama has said and done in the past few years (not to mention over the course of his lifetime) reveals unmistakable harmony with Marxist philosophy.

    But if you have any genuine desire to understand, I’d suggest you start by learning the basics of Marxist philosophy. You can easily find the basic planks of Marxism (boiled down from the Communist Manifesto) in several places online. Then read the Communist Manifesto itself. Das Kapital would also be a good educational resource.

    Once you understand the basics of Marxist philosophy, then go back over the Obama’s statements and policy positions of the past four years (and if you’re particularly industrious, you could read his own biography where he admits to hanging out with the communists in college, and tells us about his mentor “Frank” who was a card-carrying communist), and the conclusion that Barack Obama is a committed Marxist is inescapable.

    You can find some of the answers here:

  • SDJammer

    Your comment was either sadly a case of a progressive socialist trying to mislead people or an example of the truly uniformed. And as was proven last night, the uniformed will most assuredly vote for stupid things.

    Almost everything Obama does has a Marxist slant to it. His tax the rich and redistribute the wealth is directly out of the communist manifesto. Obamacare is nothing but a Marxist takeover of healthcare in this country. Obama’s so called “bailout” of the auto industry was really theft by the government from the rightful owners of the bonds and redistribution to his union buddies. The list is endless. However, if those are not sufficient for you to see the light, no number of other examples will make a difference.

  • thisoldspouse

    Here’s a large reason why Romney fatally lost the confidence of Evangelicals and conservatives in general.

    When Chick-fil-A’s CEO stood his ground on Marriage and after the ensuing outpouring of public support, Romney’s only reply to a question regarding his support was, “that’s not part of our campaign.” Utterly cowardly. This single statement clinched it for me. I would not vote for such a pathetic coward.

    When the citizens of North Carolina voted resoundingly to protect marriage through the amendment initiative, Romney, as well as other candidates, were absolutely mum regarding any reaction in support. Maggie Gallagher bemoaned this deafening silence in an article right after the successful referendum. It’s almost like they were ashamed of the efforts of that great State.

    • Good points all, Spouse.

    • SDJammer

      I want to begin by saying that philosophically I am 100% with you on the social issues you mentioned and probably every social issue you can think of. However, I think you were wrong to not vote for Romney. In my opinion that was a classic example of winning a battle but losing the war.

      We need to understand how we got in this position. First there was a lot of inactivity on our part for the last 100 years. All too long we were content to be the “silent majority”. Well all that turned out doing is making us now the “vocal minority”.

      The other thing is that the progressive liberals took to heart their label – PROGESSIVE. They were content to gain an inch at a time until after many decades they are now in a position to control our country. I don’t mean to offend you, but I personally think it is stupid for us to think we can regain all of this ground in one step. We need to be smart enough to accept small wins and keep the ball moving toward the goal.

      I think we need to consider how to systematically approach our problem and I for one think that is on the fiscal side of the ledger. I think we should focus on the 3 pillars of the TEA Party:

      Fiscal Responsibility

      Constitutionally Limited Federal Government

      Free Market Capitalism

      If you take a look where we suffered some of our largest hits, it was with candidates like Akin and Mourdock. These social issues are so touchy and open to widespread attack that I think we are foolish to hang our hat on them at this stage of the battle. Any little wrong comment just gets blown out of proportion.

      Think about what we could get done in the next 4 years if we had gained control of the Senate and the White House. However, unfortunately we are now looking at a lost 4 years and even worse we seem to find ourselves standing in “quick sand” at the moment.

      Let’s be smart and take it a step at a time. And I sincerely believe the path we should be pursuing is the path lined with fiscal issues.

      • I agree for the most part and on the major points. I believe the fiscal points and issues you mentioned will get us the most mileage overall with the American people and should be pursued vigorously.

        However, as not only a Christian but as a student of history who cannot mistake the Christian heritage that made this nation what it is, we cannot stop pushing forward on the social/moral issues. What does it profit us if we gain the whole world, yet forfeit our soul…which is what we’d do if we abandoned the social issues.

        Ultimately I think the high-profile effort needs to be on those Tea party issues you mentioned, while at the same time we–especially Christians–need to be working behind the scenes (and even in the public eye to a great degree) to educate Americans on our forgotten Christian heritage (i.e. what made us great and free and prosperous in the first place), and ultimately to see the lives of as many of our fellow Americans as possible transformed by the Truth that comes only from Christ.

        Soldier on, my friends!

        • SDJammer

          I never said nor do I think that we should forfeit our soul. However, it is a difficult battle when over 20% of the electorate doesn’t believe in God and therefore doesn’t even think we have a soul. You can’t steer until you have the steering wheel in your hands. And the hardest part is getting somebody to give us the steering wheel.

          I don’t think any Christian should abandon the social issues. However, I do think we have to be smart in how we play them. I would suggest that you consider this effort to cleaning the streets after a good old fashioned SD blizzard. I am not sure how much good everyone one would be trying to clear the street out ahead of the snowplow with their snow shovels. I think it is much wiser to let the snowplow go first and create a path and then we can use our shovels to finish the job. I think we need to let the snowplow also lead in this political effort and I think the snowplow consists of the following:

          Fiscal Responsibility
          Constitutionally Limited Federal Government
          Free Market Capitalism

          After it clears the way for us, then it is time for us to go to work with our snow shovels. However, perhaps it is wise to keep our shovels on our shoulders until a path is cleared. Just trying to put some good old fashioned South Dakota commonsense on the issue.

          • Yes, our nation’s moral fiber has deteriorated to the point where it will indeed be tough work to move us back toward the Christian character we knew for most of our history

            That is why I agree that the most prominent effort should be in those typical Tea Party areas you mentioned. They will have broader appeal, and they may even draw some people to a greater understanding of our need for morality as they learn about why we have the kind of government we were set up to have.

            But at the same time, we can’t wait a second longer to be busy about the moral and social issues as well. Right now, about a million unborn children a year–give or take–are being slaughtered, and marriage and family are taking it on the chin.

            Ultimately, ALL our problems are moral in nature, even the fiscal and governmental ones. If most Americans today understood what most Americans of 50 years ago understood, they would know things like (a) our Constitution is the highest law of our land, and lawlessness is unacceptable, (b) the reason we have a limited government constitution is because humanity is fallen and depraved and tends toward corruption and abuse of power, (c) you can’t improve your lot by diminishing that of another, (d) stealing from someone else–even when you “hire” someone else to do it for you–is immoral and unacceptable, (e) government is delegated its authority from God and has a moral obligation to the people it exists to serve, and so on.

            I don’t think we’re that far apart in what we’re saying at all. But there are those RINOs out there who hold nothing but contempt for the social and moral issues that are rotting the foundation of ALL issues in our country. They want us to forget about our nation’s moral problems and pretend they don’t exist. They could not be more wrong, since all of our nation’s problems begin in the realm of the moral. We need to be sure no one is misled by such RINO prattle.

  • retiredday

    “Trickle Down Tyranny” by Michael Savage documents the Marxism of Obama. But in order to read, your eyes need to be open. Your eyes seem to be totally closed to the truth.

  • the_ignorant_fisherman

    TOS, Thanks for your reply! I totally agree! I voted but I felt like I was being used… I needed a shower after the circle was colored in. Those were many reason why some did not show up but… they should of.

    All the best!


  • the_ignorant_fisherman

    ?… wow….