Sacramento Radio Hosts Censored for Anti-Muslim Speech?

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 Armstrong and Getty at the April 16th, 2010 Tea Party rally in Sacramento, CA (Photo credit: WC Varones)

Armstrong and Getty at the April 16th, 2010 Tea Party rally in Sacramento, CA (Photo credit: WC Varones)

Americans are rightly incensed over our “leadership” in Washington bowing and scraping to the Muslim world.  We are sick of Barack Obama (or whatever his name is) kissing the rings of Muslim dictators.  We are fed up with the petulant Obama siding with the enemies of America, while rudely snubbing our allies.  We are appalled that Obama has overthrown what little stability existed in the Middle East, while he has paved the way for the evil Muslim Brotherhood to assume the thrones of power there.  This anti-American usurper of our presidency is a clear and present danger to the United States and the world.

The murderous insanity from Middle Eastern Muslims kicked in high gear (again) on September 11th and resulted in the killings of four Americans—so far—including Ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens.  Our pathologically lying administration still insists that the terror attacks on our embassies and outposts over there are because of a stupid You Tube video.  Only the dimmest of wits buys that gossamer-thin story.  The rest of us know that the Muslim barbarians do not need an “excuse” to burn, destroy and murder, while yelling and screaming like the idiots they are.

Part of the reason the loons in the Obama administration are determined to continue to blame the ridiculous video for the latest Muslim violence is their heartfelt desire to kill our freedom of speech, which they detest just as much as the Muslims do.  That is why we are seeing Muslim leaders calling for the punishment of those who (rightly) criticize the hell-born ideology of Islam—because the Muslims know they have a sympathetic brother in the White House.

Now, we have a case of potential censorship here in America.  On Wednesday, I saw several news stories about Jack Armstrong and Joe Getty, a popular radio morning show duo out of Sacramento, being mysteriously absent from the air on Tuesday, the day after Jack Armstrong suggested people should post anti-Mohammad videos online.

On Monday night, after Armstrong’s morning remarks, Sacramento’s KTXL-TV Fox 40 spread the word about his statements and sought comment from area Muslims, thereby inflating the story.

Then, on Wednesday, the Sacramento Bee reported that Armstrong and Getty were missing from the air,

Popular talk radio show hosts Armstrong & Getty were absent from Clear Channel’s live programming Tuesday amid controversy around one of the hosts’ on-air comments about Muslims.

KSTE (650 AM) aired a previously recorded “Best Of” morning show on Tuesday instead of its regularly scheduled live program featuring Jack Armstrong and Joe Getty. Officials for the Sacramento station and its owner, Clear Channel Media and Entertainment, offered no explanation for the change, sparking questions and heated comments among fans on the show’s Facebook page.

During an on-air discussion Monday, Armstrong criticized the United States for what he characterized as apologizing for a crude YouTube video that mocked the Prophet Muhammad and sparked anti-U.S. uprisings around the globe. He urged listeners to make their own “anti-Muhammad ads” and post them to Al-Jazeera, the Arabic news network. “We need to bombard them with ads until they grow up,” he said.

Not a bad idea!  Of course, we know the Muslims will never “grow up,” but I understand Armstrong’s sentiments, which he has every right to speak.

When Armstrong and Getty were not on the air Tuesday, and now Wednesday, listeners naturally wondered if Clear Channel had fallen prey to the knee-jerk fear reaction that corporations often exhibit when a “protected class” of people is “offended.”

A Tuesday report by Sacramento’s Fox 40 KTXL-TV stated,

FOX40 contacted Clear Channel, the parent company of KSTE that airs Armstrong and Getty and were told there was a last-minute memo Monday night announcing the co-hosts were on vacation. The station says the pair’s vacation has nothing to do with what was said on the air Monday morning.

At this time, there is no indication that Tuesday’s vacation is a result of Jack Armstrong’s comments during their Monday show.

FOX40 contacted the two hosts Tuesday. Both declined to comment.

If this is just a vacation, why did Armstrong and Getty not tell their listeners on Monday?  And, if this is just a vacation, why would they not confirm it to news media and put a stop to the swirling questions?  Why the silence?

As of this writing, mid-day on Wednesday, there were no answers, so by the time this is published, there may be more news.  Wednesday was the second day Armstrong and Getty were off the air without explanation.

This story is of great interest to Americans who see that our enemies, foreign and domestic, are intent on silencing any voices that criticize their evil actions.  We are interested when giant companies like Clear Channel appear to cater to those anti-freedom forces by censoring on-air voices.  We do not yet know if that is the case here, but the longer the silence continues, the more we can not help but think it is.

As long as corporate America is scared to stand up and tell the anti-freedom worms to take a hike, we will continue to see our freedom of speech attacked in this way.

Naturally, there will be those who say Clear Channel leaders have every right to determine the content of their programming, and that is certainly true, as I know first-hand, but when they determine what content they allow based on fear of “offending” a certain loud-mouthed segment of society, then we lose, and the anti-freedom bullies win.


  1. WXRGina says:

    Armstrong & Getty just signed on LIVE. They’re thanking listeners for all the support, etc.

  2. WXRGina says:

    Here comes the explanation…

  3. WXRGina says:

    Okay, their explanation was kind of a non-explanation. They basically said Clear Channel has never told them what they can or can’t say, but that the “thing” yesterday, where they met with some CC corporate guys, is something they can’t talk about.


  4. retiredday says:

    It wouldn’t surprise me at all to learn that while Armstrong and Getty were off air that Clear Channel’s lawyers and administrators were examining all their options, weighing costs and shoring up the safest fiscal strategy. After all, the bottom line is what really matters. In our politically correct society, free speech is just a bastard child, kept out of the public eye in order to avoid embarrassment.

  5. WXRGina says:

    Thanks, Mom! After you emailed me last night that they put on their Facebook page that they would be back this morning, I knew my column would sorta be obsolete, yet the point still remains that they WERE taken off the air for two days.