The Face of the Left on Marriage

This is an enlightening video of young people from the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family, and Property. They are out in Minnesota in support of marriage, and they saw some very differing responses to their promotion of marriage.

A lot of people honked in support, gave thumbs up and other gestures of encouragement.

Others, as you will see, were very vile. It wasn’t sufficient for these pro-homosexual Leftists to disagree or give a thumbs-down. No, the defense of marriage by these young people was met with venom, insults, lies, scowls, vulgarity, and more.

Even if it were not clear on the intrinsic merits of the issue, the behavior of these liberals illustrates who truly has the moral and intellectual high ground.


  1. thisoldspouse says:

    Predictable… as always.

  2. dr. theo says:

    You’re right, Spouse. It is perfectly predictable. A Right to Life group here on campus had an event last week where they “chalked” the walks around campus with pro-life messages. This is an activity that many groups do regularly, including homosexual groups. But when the messages were conservative-Christian, all hell broke loose. They defaced the messages with vulgar and obscene comments and complained to the university that such “hate speech” is “offensive” and thus should not be allowed.
    I have heard faculty laugh about the fact that no conservative would dare come to school with a conservative bumper sticker because the car would be vandalized before the end of the day. And it’s true. Liberals just cannot tolerate a dissenting point of view. While conservatives shrug and look for ways to spread their message in rational, compelling ways, liberals look for ways to silence, by force if necessary, any opposition. It’s mob rule–the way liberals have been doing it since charging the Bastille.

    • thisoldspouse says:

      It’s disturbing, isn’t it, Doc? What really gets the Left in an absolute frenzy is the thought of any young people having a conservative mindset, like these TFP demonstrators – it doesn’t comport with their delusional narrative that the young generation are going to shift society sharply left – in sexuality, government control (socialism), and loss of freedoms – as the older generation “dies out,” one of their most ardent wishes. The thought of a single conservative young person who champions real marriage and family is unconscionable to them. When you get a whole arena of them, they go ballistic.