Getting Underway at the Values Voter Summit

Ed Meese at the Liberty University Breakfast, Values Voter Summit

Ed Meese at the Liberty University Breakfast, Values Voter Summit

Things are about to get underway at the FRC Values Voter Summit here in Washington D.C. It’s a beautiful day outside in our nation’s capital.

Breakfast this morning was sponsored by Liberty University in Virginia. I had the honor of having breakfast with Reagan Administration Attorney General Ed Meese. He is a very warm and personable man, having done immeasurable good for our country.

Ambassador Barukh Binah, Deputy Chief of Mission at the Embassy of Israel in Washington, DC., was the keynote speaker, and he discussed the long and close relationship that America and Israel have had.

I also found out that in addition to GOP Vice Presidential Candidate Rep Paul Ryan (R-WI) speaking later this morning, GOP Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney will in fact also be speaking.

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  • WXRGina

    Yea! You got to go this year! Have a great time, Bob! Thanks for your reports.

    • Having a great time! I hope you and Keith get to come to one of these someday. There are few things that can give you a shot in the arm like being around 2000 or so fired-up Christian conservatives!

  • thisoldspouse

    Bob, I’m officially jealous, God forgive me. Getting to have breakfast with one of the great AG’s of our time. Can you imagine how he would be excoriated by the godless Left if he was in office now?

    I’ve wanted to attend the Values Voter Summit for years and planned to go this year. But still trying to get back on my feet from being unemployed for most of last year. Maybe next year and perhaps we can meet.

    • It was an honor. And it would be an honor to meet with you at the VVS next year. I hope we can both be here then.