Justice Coming in South Dakota

justiceJustice may finally be done soon on one of the convicted murderers in South Dakota’s penitentiary.

From the Rapid City Journal:

Attorney General Marty Jackley has asked a judge to set an execution date for 50-year-old Eric Robert the week of Oct. 14.

Robert pleaded guilty to killing guard Ron Johnson during a failed escape attempt last year and asked to be put to death. He was to be executed by lethal injection in May but the state Supreme Court postponed the execution so it could do a mandatory review of the sentence. The high court last Thursday unanimously upheld the death sentence.

Robert and another inmate, Rodney Berget, beat Johnson with a metal pipe and wrapped his head in plastic. Robert then attempted to escape the prison wearing Johnson’s uniform. It happened to be the guard’s 63rd birthday.

Robert was in the pen on an 80 year sentence for kidnapping a woman in 2005 by locking her in the trunk of her car after pulling her over while impersonating a cop. The woman called police on her cell phone from the trunk, and when the police found them (before harm could come to the woman), they ended up finding a rope and shovel in Robert’s car.

A woman Robert used to live with has testified that he used to beat her until she would submit to sex, then he would rape her.

This is a violent piece of human debris who is a danger to humanity–obviously, including those who must guard him while he continues to consume oxygen. God may forgive him, and for his sake I hope he’ll ask for it, but he owes a debt that he can only pay with his life.

For justice sake, that bill should come due as soon as possible.

Convicted murderer Donald Moeller is also slated to be executed in a couple of months. The family of his victim, Becky O’Connell, have been waiting some 22 years for justice after Moeller abducted, raped and stabbed to death this 9-year-old girl.

We need to be sure the accused have a fair trial, but once they have been convicted and any reasonable review has been conducted to ensure a fair trial, dirtbags like these who have no regard for innocent human life need to receive the justice they deserve, and receive it quickly. We owe it to them, we owe it to the victims and the families of the victims, and to society.

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