Mike Adams: Was Aurora Batman Shooting a False Flag Operation?

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The Century 16 Theater in Aurora, Colorado where the 2012 Aurora shooting took place, photographed the day after the shooting. (Photo credit: Algr)

The Century 16 Theater in Aurora, Colorado where the 2012 Aurora shooting took place, photographed the day after the shooting. (Photo credit: Algr)

As our nation and the families and friends of the victims continue to reel after the horrific mass murder at the midnight screening of the latest Batman movie last Friday in Aurora, Colorado, countless questions abound. As usual, we hear many people seeking someone or something to blame. Is it the influence of violence in Hollywood pictures and outrageously violent video games, godless parenting, godless education and a godless society that produces kids with no moral compass and no regard for human life, or the inordinate, pathological craving for fame by members of our younger generations? These factors, while not what pulled the triggers of the guns, are certainly the symptoms of a terminally ill society. The blame is with the shooter alone, or is he alone?

A shocking report of scary speculation has come from Mike Adams, the “Health Ranger,” and Editor of the Natural News website. His bottom-line question asks if this massacre was a false flag operation by our own federal government just as Fast and Furious was.

Although the kind of speculation in Adams’ piece is ultimately pointless without answers, Adams does have some sound questions and observations. In his column, he notes that the accused shooter, 24-year-old James Holmes, is reportedly a shy, young man who acted completely out of character, according to those who know him.

Adams observed that Holmes’ behavior does not add up, as he writes,

His behavior already reveals stark inconsistencies that question the mainstream explanation of events. For example, he opened fire on innocent people but then calmly surrendered to police without resistance. This is not consistent with the idea of “killing everyone.”

Furthermore, he then admitted to police that his apartment was booby-trapped with explosives. If you were really an evil-minded Joker trying to kill people (including cops), why would you warn them about the booby trap in advance? It doesn’t add up.

I wondered the same thing when I heard that he told the police about his apartment being rigged with explosives. Why would he do that? Sudden remorse?

Not only was his apartment booby-trapped, but it was done so with a level of sophistication that amazed the responding law enforcement troops, who were thankfully able to defuse the whole set-up safely. Where did this kid get that kind of advanced knowledge? You Tube videos or eHow? I doubt it.

Adams continues with the point that James Holmes is a “mystery man” with “no background.” Adams noted that a police officer cited in a New York Times piece said Holmes is an “enigma” about whose past little is known. I am not sure what the officer means by that, since there were interviews with a number of people who know Holmes—the ones who all said they were shocked by this behavior, that it is not like the James Holmes they know.

Then we have Holmes’ mother making headlines almost as soon as the shooting was reported, claiming that authorities “have the right person.” That in itself is bizarre. Why would she say something like that right off the bat, when others who know him say the massacre seems very out of character for him? I also noticed the media was lightning-fast in locating his mother and his acquaintances to interview.

An excellent question from Adams is how does an unemployed medical student afford $20,000 in weapons and gear? The $20,000 figure is Adams’ estimation according to the cost of what we know of Holmes’ arsenal and body armor collection along with bomb-making materials, and Adams defends the figure in his column.

Adams writes,

If you start to look at the really big picture here, the obvious question arises: How does an unemployed medical student afford all the complex weapons gear, bomb-making gear, “flammable” booby trap devices, ammunition, multiple magazines, bullet-proof vest, groin protection, ballistic helmet, SWAT uniform and all the rest of it?

… Where does an unemployed, introverted medical school student get the training to deploy sophisticated booby traps, tactical body armor, weapons systems and more? Certainly not in graduate school!

All this leads to an obvious third party influence over all this. Someone else taught this guy these skills and funded the acquisition of the equipment.

The whopper speculation comes when Adams’ brings in the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) as he says,

This is not your run-of-the-mill crime of passion. It was a carefully planned, heavily funded and technically advanced attack. Who might be behind all this? The FBI, of course, which has a long history of setting up and staging similar attacks, then stopping them right before they happen.

He then provides links to four different stories of the FBI’s involvement in creating domestic terror plots and false flag operations, and then he writes,

As you soak all this in, remember that the FBI had admitted to setting up terror plots, providing the weapons and gear, staging the location of the bombings and even driving the vehicles to pull it off! This is not a conspiracy theory, it’s been admitted by the FBI right out in the open.

He further speculates that this could be a false flag operation intended to bolster support for the United Nations (UN) Small Arms Treaty that is scheduled for a vote in the United States Senate this week, less than a week out from the massacre. The treaty is something America should never sign on to, because it goes against our very freedoms and our constitutionally-protected right to keep and bear arms, and could result in gun-grabbing on a scale never before seen in our country.

The gist of the conclusion in Adams’ piece is that James Holmes could be a pawn in the global struggle underway for power over the people of the United States and the world by the forces of tyranny, spearheaded in the UN and currently being furthered by the communist Obama regime. Adams cites a dozen of the most murderous regimes in recent history—regimes whose leaders have ordered the mass-murder of their nations’ own citizens. We should not imagine that such atrocities could never happen here in the United States, because they most certainly can.

Our federal government has been overthrown by enemies of America just as surely as if a communist foreign power had taken Washington by violent force. Barack Obama (or whatever his name is) and his administration are utterly lawless, and they are actively working to tear down the United States of America—our economy, our society, our history and our sovereignty. Because of this, speculation like that in Mike Adams’ column is certainly in the realm of the possible.

But, as I wrote above, without answers to these questions, the speculation is useless. We will not find out if James Holmes had accomplices or backing from nefarious forces inside our government or elsewhere, or if he truly was a “lone wolf.” I find it hard to believe that he acted alone, but the whole truth will not likely be revealed. We may never know his motivation for that act of mass murder. Was it the act of a demon possessed lunatic with a twisted desire for “fame,” or was it the evil, clinical behavior of a man on an assigned mission?


  1. Irresponsible, baseless speculation to forward a nutty political agenda based on lies and fantasies. Shame on you.

    • WXRGina says:

      Sorry, pal, but you offer no proof that a word you said is true. There is no “nutty political agenda” behind our warnings about the UN Small Arms Treaty or the Fast and Furious scheme. Those are not “lies” and “fantasies.”

      Mike Adams’ column makes some valid points–whether they are true or not concerning the monster in Colorado is another story, but they are not “baseless” when you consider the questions surrounding that lunatic killer and what he did.

    • Bob Ellis says:

      If Barack Obama wasn’t such an irresponsible Marxist anti-American who clearly loathes everything that has ever been good about this country, such speculation would indeed be baseless. But since he clearly neither understands nor appreciates the American way of life, and has demonstrated unwavering determination to “fundamentally transform” it into his vision of a Marxist utopia, and has demonstrated a willingness to disarm the American people even at the cost of a few dead Mexicans and Americans (i.e Fast and Furious), such “speculation” is all too reasonable.

      Marxists are ruthless when it comes to ushering in their glorious socialist revolution. The history of Marxism around the world is written in over a century’s worth of blood. It’s just what they do.

      There is literally nothing that can be put past this enemy of freedom and the American way of life.

      The shame is on Barack Obama, and on you for supporting him. But neither of you has any shame to begin with.

    • JohnDotKom says:

      Heidi burger: “Nutty political agenda, FULL of lies & fantasy”. You just described a large chunk of Obommunism. Thanks for the laugh,

  2. retiredday says:

    The first report I heard of the mass murder in Aurora, one of the eyewitnesses said that just before the shooting, someone’s cell phone rang. The person answered his phone, stood up, walked over to the door for a moment, while he was still on the phone, then opened the door, letting the shooter in. An accomplice had to have let the shooter in because he was armed and covered in body armor. He could never have entered the theater as a ticket holder. Someone else was definitely involved. He did not act alone.

    • WXRGina says:

      You’re right, Mike. There is definitely more to this story than we will probably ever know.

    • Bob Ellis says:

      I was trying with great difficulty to make that work in my mind, too. A handgun–sure. But how do you get an AR-15, shotgun, and bulletproof vest into a theater in July when everyone is wearing shorts and tank-tops? Unless you have oblivious zombies manning the theater, the “math” just doesn’t work.

  3. JohnDotKom says:

    By the time you read this, Gina, & others, you will have heard that the alleged killer had received a large (20 thousand plus dollar?) education, and or, research grant. I haven’t decided to lean one way or the other whether there’s Gov’t complicity in this one, but otherwise, we ALL (here, and in other forums) KNOW our Gov’t is, and has been out of control, for decades. We also know whether nor not Gov’t had a hand in this or not, ‘they’, just like all criminals, prefer unarmed victims. If/when they implement a “gun evacuation” (for the public safety) perhaps all won’t fight it, but many will, and MANY better. The 2nd Amendment was put in place to protect us, not just for defense of our homes & property, but from the kind of Tyranny that only Gov’t can perpetrate.

    • WXRGina says:

      Yes, John, I read about the grant money right after I had turned this column in to my editors for publication. It only raises more questions than provides answers, doesn’t it?

      The day we give up our guns in the United States… well, you know the rest.

  4. jaytheatheist says:

    Thanks for the drinks tonight.

    I was at my typical Wednesday night water hole with my wife tonight and conspiracy theories came up. A small contest was born as to who had the best story that was not well know (such as Cuba being behind the JFK assassination).

    I talked about this thread and won.

    Awesome and salute!