Raising dogs instead of kids?


“You can say any fool thing to a dog and the dog will just give you this look that says, ‘My GOSH, you’re RIGHT! I NEVER would’ve thought of that!”  ― Dave Barry

I read Mark Steyn’s book, After America some time ago. It is a compelling discussion about world demographics, birth rates, and the illegal [and non-assimilating] immigrant populations flooding into America and the rest of what is left of Western Civilization. Also discussed in this article are the long-term effects of decisions about married adults not having kids in America anymore.

I seem to recall reading in numerous places that anything less than three native born children per American family endangers societal viability and the sustainability of a distinct American culture. So it is disturbing to think that married Americans are adopting puppies instead of having children or adopting children. After all, God did say to Adam and Eve, “Be fruitful and multiply.” He did not say, “Raise puppies,” instead. Puppies and kids together, yes. Puppies alone, no. [Full disclosure: I love dogs. I have dogs … lots of dogs. I always have, and always will have.]

Many of the people who complain the most about the ever-increasing taxes they pay for the Social Secure, Medicare and Medicaid in the 22-45 year old range do not seem to realize that actions have consequences. If they have no children, there is no American replacement generation. There will be, instead, large numbers of unskilled, un-acculturated and un-assimilated immigrants filling these places who will pay few if any taxes on their low wages under current laws. They will, however, draw many welfare and healthcare benefits. Likewise, the burgeoning numbers of children born out-of-wedlock by irresponsible men and women, oblivious to the long-term effects on their children, and society at large, are growing and the resource base is shrinking. And, oh yes, your own “goodies” will decrement seriously over time. So, if there is no one to replace the native-born American parents [i.e., at least three to four children], then the burden of paying for society’s goodies for all of these new citizens will continue to fall mainly on them until the day they die.

So what do you all think is going to happen to taxes in this case? BINGO! Obamacare, Socialism and Serfdom that you will not enjoy, but that you will not expect until the bill hits you in the face. But don’t worry, you will soon adjust to your new status. You will pretend to work and pay taxes, and the Feds will pretend to provide Medical Care, retirement insurance and welfare. Sadly, this will also mean much fewer dog biscuits, fewer trips to the doggie spa, and decremented “Obamavet” care for Fido.

This wonderful Brave New World is coming to your town soon. In fact, its pre-conditions are all available to you right now:

  • Just totally quit having native-born American babies
  • Adopt dogs instead … especially those neutered and already waiting for you at the Animal Shelter.
  • Increasingly allow the unskilled Third World to continue to invade America’s borders with illegal aliens seeking benefits [as any reasonable have-not would try to do].
  • Accept multiculturalism as the proper “fix” to finish off the exceptional [but evil & colonialist] American culture.
  • Pay higher and higher taxes until the day you die … become the 1% [but only in your mind]
  • Forfeit your “estate” to the State when you die in order to keep this hellish system going just a little longer

And to think: American culture was once based on individual sovereignty, personal responsibility, Judeo Christian moral conscience, traditional families, and an opportunity to live freely and prosperously.

Now, Americans are encouraged to:

  • Make scads of money as their first priority, to Heck with everyone else.
  • Let someone else “have their back” while they protect no one.
  • Use abortifacients, abortion and euthanasia to rid oneself of those bothersome responsibilities of parenthood and those less desirables in society.
  • Indulge in material goods that are not really wanted, needed, of affordable.
  • Adopt the latest religion du jour.
  • Carpe diem, and Sayonara!
  • Invest in green technologies like Soylent Green

OK, Campers. How long can we sustain the United States under such a scenario?

Honestly, I lay a large share of this decay at the feet of my own Baby Boomer generation. Many if not most Baby Boomers are self-obsessed and spoiled children: “Forever-Teenagers.” Our “Greatest Generation” parents were often co-dependent abettors while were growing up. They wanted their children to have everything that they did not have during the “Great Depression.” Our parents had large families that were far better off than they were growing up. They overpaid, they overplayed, and many ran to the rescue every time one of my ilk failed to mature as adults. We indulged as they indulged us.

The World Wars of the 20th Century created a heroic American society on the one hand. On the other hand, the stresses of war and urgencies and emotions of the moment perhaps further propelled the loosening morality and social values begun in the wake of the “War to End All Wars,” World War I, and the interwar period which was punctuated by the Great Depression. In a certain sense, our Baby Boomer grandparents tried to hang on to the America that had existed before and after WWI. I wonder if that incautious, immodest life-style in America and a growing loss of faith, coupled with the massive European debt following that war, eventually dragged us down too. The situation seems oddly similar in many respects today: Decay in America, Government solutions for every problem, and the “sick man,” Europe, that will bring us all down soon.

The big difference is family. In America, there is no strong family unit to hold people and society together any more. In the World War II era, the large family of many siblings and two parents was a glue. The growing disease of infidelity and divorce in my Boomer generation attacked that glue at its core: Children. Perhaps many of our young adults do not want kids because they fear that families are characterized by turmoil and not strength. Perhaps they inordinately fear discord and divorce, because that is what they saw and experienced growing up. If this is all true, then we are a nation going under.

Mitt Romney may well win this election. I hope he does. The Obama Alternative Universe would be an exponentially fast descent into serfdom; he has already laid that groundwork. But Mitt Romney can’t fix the broken family model in four or even eight years. That is up to future generations changing their minds about having a family, and making that choice soon. I do not know what to say to those who do not want a child, and instead prefer a dog [or dogs]. I guess I’d warn that someway, somehow you are going to regret not having those children. In any case, you will still be raising all of those other babies born out-of-wedlock, injured by broken social systems, and lacking parental tenderness, love and care. My wife and I tried to adopt children. We were empty nesters and we were in our fifties. After personally experiencing failed promises, broken hearts & broken kids, and seeing how miserably the states and feds manage their adoption and foster systems nationally, and in California and Florida in particular, we gave up … after four years of trying.

I can’t help but be sad and depressed by all of this. I wonder if it is too late to get some sled dogs and flee to a redoubt cabin somewhere in Alaska or in the NW Territories? Those dogs may not be able to work and pay taxes, but they can pull a sled and protect me from wolves and government tax collectors.


  1. WXRGina says:

    Bill, you’re right.

    What has happened is something that I (44 years old) “fell prey” to. When I was young, I was bombarded–from where I didn’t realize, because I was senseless then–that having a husband and children was the VERY LAST thing in the world I “wanted” to do. I bought into it, hook, line and sinker and shunned like the plague marrying and having children.

    I realize now that was the message of the prevailing winds of hell in our predominantly European-American nation. We notice it does not affect certain so-called “minorities,” such as the Mexicans, other South Americans and Muslims who are invading our country. They have not stopped having as many babies as they can.

    Now, I sit here having finally married within the past ten years, but having no children. We have cats–not dogs–but it’s the same thing. Our demographics are disappearing.

  2. retiredday says:

    Yes, I wish my daughter would have children. So far, she and her husband do not want any (typical to their generation) but I’m hoping they may still change their minds. However, to me, the essence of the demographic problem of native born Americans not having children isn’t a racial one.

    Having worked for the Postal Service, I know there are a lot of legal immigrants who come here out of a desire for freedom. They become naturalized citizens and assimilate as Americans. Legal immigrants come from different nationalities, different races, with different first languages. But they come here legally because they are responsible workers and taxpayers, and they are good family people who raise their children to be good students, go to college and lead productive lives.

    But two groups of immigrants stand out as a destructive force against American society and American values: illegal aliens, who by and large do not assimilate, but retain their “old country” culture and values, and Islamic immigrants, legal or illegal, who come here specifically to change our society into a Muslim-friendly environment for the purpose of advancing Islam and establishing Shariah law. They are out to either change the character of our society or destroy the character of society.

    We would be wise to welcome and respect our legal immigrants, while kicking out all those who disregard our immigration laws and disrespect our traditional institutions.

    • WXRGina says:

      I agree with giving them the boot. They are the ones I meant–the ones who have lots of children. Let them go back where they came from and come here legally, or not at all.

      There are exceptions to everything, as we know, and there are still some “white” couples that have lots of children, too, but they’re a dwindling number.

  3. dr. theo says:

    It is my generation, along with Mr. Mann’s, that started us down this slope. Gina, we all did stupid things in our youth and some of us have paid the consequences. When I returned from Vietnam I decided I never wanted children and that I wanted lots of sex without the risk of pregnancy. I saw two urologists seeking a permanent vasectomy. (I was so self-absorbed, stupid and arrogant, it embarrasses me still.) Both counseled me that I was too young to make such a decision and both refused to do the procedure. By the grace of God, I gave up. I met my future (and current) wife less than six months later and we had our first of four children within a year of marriage. While I was still a lost sinner God was looking out for me. Jesus had a plan for me, as He does for you, Gina.

    • WXRGina says:

      Thank you, Doc. I am ashamed of many things in my past, not just my poor non-family planning choices, but many, many bad things I chose to do. I thank the Lord for keeping me alive, out of prison and in His hands to this day.

  4. Ah Folks! I didn’t wise up until some years after I turned 60. It must be the way we were raised, that it took us so long. And Dr. Theo: If you can find those urologists, thank them for their wisdom.
    And is it the U.N Declaration on the Rights of the Child where children are to be bestowed – by the the U.N. – with the “right” to make their own decisions?