Endangered Species: The South Dakota Republican

Here’s what a real South Dakota Republican looks like: Rep. Lora Hubbel in South Dakota District 9, now running for state Senate.

The only real natural enemy the species we call the South Dakota Republican has is the South Dakota RINO (Democrat Party members are not real enemies in South Dakota, but only prey).  The RINO is the same basic size and shape, and has the same basic disposition as the South Dakota Democrat.

However, the South Dakota RINO is dangerous to the South Dakota Republican because it has chameleon-like properties that makes it appear to be a South Dakota Republican at first glance. It is only after you get a good, close look at the behavior of the South Dakota RINO that you can tell that it isn’t a South Dakota Republican…and by then, it’s often too late, and the damage is done. It injects its toxic venom into the unsuspecting in smaller doses than the rare South Dakota Democrat, but those small doses nevertheless make the organism very sick.

So be sure to support a real Republican if you live in Dist. 9.  Real Republicans are an endangered species in Pierre, these days.

This is Rep. Lora Hubbel’s floor speech on January 23, 2012 in opposition to HCR 1001 where she also explains the connection between ObamaCare, South Dakota’s facilitation of ObamaCare, and abortion.


  1. TRacy Saboe says:

    What towns outside of Sioux Falls are in District 9?