Claim: Marine Arrested for Peaceful Protest ‘Created Danger’

In an update to my previous article about the arrest of Dave Willoughby, the Marine veteran, for peacefully protesting union thuggery in Wisconsin, it seems the story now is that he “created danger to the public” with the protest sign he had held above his head.

As you can see in this screen clip from the MRC TV video below, his was not the only above-the-head sign at the pro-union event.  In fact, you will see a “Recall Walker” sign that is significantly taller than Willoughby’s “Support Scott Walker NOT Union Thugs” sign.

So far, I have only heard of Willoughby being arrested.

If Willoughby’s sign was such a danger, why was the holder of the “Recall Walker” sign not arrested?

Could it be because the police belong to a union, and they want to protect the union gravy train?

I used to serve in law enforcement, and still have many friends in law enforcement. As anyone who knows me understands, I have only the deepest respect and admiration for cops.  But the police I know wouldn’t harass or arrest a peaceful protester.

I think the charge should be that Willoughby “created danger for union thuggery” by exposing the hypocrisy of those who would rob other Americans of the right to choose whether to join a union or not, and those who would put the taxpayers on the hook to pay for forced unionism and union fat cats.

This is a war, folks. It is a war for our hard-won freedoms and our way of life.  It is not a game. It is not merely a political “contest.” It is not a spectacle for the politicos, the chattering class and the hacks. It is a war, and we’d better take it seriously.

Let us pray that Governor Scott Walker prevails in the recall election tomorrow, for if these union thugs and socialist parasites succeed in their attempt at vengeance because Walker knocked the wheels off their gravy train, it will be open season for the Left on the carcass of America.


  1. thisoldspouse says:

    I’d recommend to Dave either the Alliance Defense Fund or Liberty Council. The later is a bit more hard hitting, but both are fierce advocates of the original intent of the Founding Fathers in crafting our Constitution. They have a very good record of wins, and the evidence for this blatant crime against him is overwhelming.

  2. dr. theo says:

    As an ER doc I have worked with law enforcement officers for years and have found the vast majority to be fair and compassionate. Many are good friends. But police bullying, often unnecessary use of force or excessive force, is eroding the goodwill that most Americans feel for cops. Good law enforcement depends upon the goodwill and
    cooperation of the citizenry. Lacking that they have to rely more upon force to enforce the laws (inner city black neighborhoods are a good example). These cops should be fired and fined if it is true that this man was doing nothing more than we see in the video. If anyone hears of a legal defense fund, please let us know.

  3. dr. theo says:

    Milwaukee Police just suffered another scandal; you’d think they would be on their best behavior for a little while.

  4. These “Police” thugs should be indicted. They were nothing but Enforcers for the Unions. It’s incredible how blatant Public Employees are becoming in their utter contempt for the general public. We just saw Nazi Gestapo Tactics demonstrated in front of our own eyes. They didn’t evern bother to hide it. Was it my imagination or did the cop, (Wesolowski?) actually threaten Willoughby by telling him he was going to “get his ass kicked”? This is beyond un…..I was going to say beyond unbelievable but I’ve had similar things happen to me.