American Clarion Week in Review, Ending Jun. 2, 2012

These were the top articles at American Clarion last week, the ones our readers were most interested in. If you missed one the first time, this is your chance to catch up before a busy new week rolls in.

A Democratic Nation Founded on Christian Ideals (William J. Federer) – Awarded the Navy’s medal of heroism during World War II and the Pulitzer Prize for his book Profiles in Courage, he was the youngest elected President, serving just over 1,000 days before being shot. This was John F. Kennedy, born MAY 29, 1917. Writing to Brazil’s President, Janio da Silva Quadros, January 31, 1961, John F. Kennedy stated: “To each of us is entrusted the heavy responsibility of guiding the affairs of a democratic nation founded on Christian ideals.”

Constitutional Apostates in the Capital (David Pepe) – The apostate American Left of today holds the position that the Founding Fathers original intent for the Constitution was to be an “evolving” and “living” document to fit and conform to the hour and day which Americans are living in. America has devolved into a lawless, narcissistic, decadent, and immoral nation because of the ABANDONMENT of the ideals of our Founding Fathers.

Agenda 21 Primer for a Small Town Mayor (Gina Miller) – After reading Ocean Springs, MississippiMayor Connie Moran’s rebuttal to a letter to the editor in our local newspaper, I was compelled to respond. In the spirit of temperance, I am willing to give the Democrat Mayor Moran the benefit of a doubt and assume that she is simply uninformed rather than disingenuous. I would like to take a few moments here to give an overview of the United Nations’ (UN) Agenda 21. This globalist program is no secret. It is not a theory; it is a verifiable fact, and it is being implemented by more than 150 countries, including the United States.

Questions for Those Who Want a ‘Gay Marriage’ (David Mann) – Do you believe you’re not being allowed to marry the person you love? Do you believe your relationship is as valid as any traditional marriage? Then I’d like to ask you a few questions that you may not have been asked before.

Latest South Dakota Primary RINO Exposed (Bob Ellis) – Yet another RINO is exposed via mailer in response to “Republican” Governor Dennis Daugaard’s decision to go partisan in the Republican primary and endorse several liberals who show contempt for the Republican Party’s values and platform. It used to be that only Democrats tried to hide their voting record. Now many “Republicans” seem desperate to hide their voting record. Maybe that is because these “Republicans” behavior has too much in common with the Democrats.

Obama the Gaffe Master Strikes Poland (Gina Miller) – How can we ever be surprised at anything that comes out of the mouth of Barack Obama (or whatever his name is)? Yet, his latest, gaffe almost leaves me speechless. Almost. At a ceremony at the White House on Tuesday where Obama was awarding the Presidential Medal of Freedom to the late Jan Karski, a Polish officer of the resistance during World War II who gave early eyewitness reports of Nazi Germany’s genocide of European Jews, our president made a gaffe that was offensive toward Poland.

Make Fun of the Birth Certificate Request Long Enough & It Will Go Away? (Carrie K. Hutchens) – I saw a smart-Alec comment on Twitter today, suggesting the request for Obama’s certified birth certificate is a ridiculous request made only by ridiculous people. It ticked me off more than usual. I’m thinking that is because I see what is going on — or believe I do — and actually quite sure I do. I don’t like it.

Needed: People Who Would Rather be Morally Right Than Socially Correct (William J. Federer) – Twentieth-Century Fox made a motion picture in 1955 titled A Man Called Peter, about the life of U.S. Senate Chaplain Peter Marshall, born MAY 27, 1902. At the age of 25, Peter Marshall emigrated from Scotland, arriving at New York’s Ellis Island in 1927. Members of his Sunday school class paid his way to seminary in Atlanta, where he graduated in 1931.At the age of 35, he became pastor of the New York Avenue Presbyterian Church in Washington, D.C. His services were attended by leaders, such as President Franklin D. Roosevelt. On January 4, 1947 the Senate appointed Peter Marshall to be their U.S. Senate Chaplain.

What Real South Dakota Republicans Look Like (Bob Ellis) – In contrast to the kind of “Republicans” who don’t think law-abiding citizens can be fully trusted with their guns, who think innocent human life is of subjective value, and think the family is the plaything of liberal activists, South Dakota Dist. 35 House candidates Don Kopp and Chip Campbell provide us with an illustration of what real Republicans look like.

Another South Dakota Primary RINO Exposed (Bob Ellis) – Here we have another return salvo in the RINO “Republican” war on the conservative base of the party. If our supposedly pro-life, conservative governor wants to run around endorsing liberal pro-abortion, pro-homosexual “Republicans” in the primary over real Republicans who believe in the party’s values and platform, I suppose no one can stop him. But the Republicans in these districts deserve to know that the values of their party are being betrayed by their governor and most of those whom he is endorsing.

Thanks go out to the authors who put their hard work into researching and writing these pieces, and to the readers who recognized them as the best of the best out there.

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