And the Beat Goes On?

Dmitry Medvedev with Madeleine Albright

Dmitry Medvedev with Madeleine Albright, at a meeting with members of the Council on Foreign Relations, 16 November 2008

While much has been accomplished, most notably by the Tea Party’s break out year in 2010, there were also valuable lessons learned from our stunning Tea Party creation. Still, more learning is available for the curious and committed Constitutionalist. One such lesson plan is our approach to what many assume to be ridiculous or insulting. It’s called the infamous “conspiracy theory.” Hold the laughter long enough to consider what or who does this disapproving attitude serve best? But more importantly, ask yourself why is humor invoked when discussing such a serious topic?

One thing is for sure; our political foes, both in the Democrat ranks and those turncoat RINOs, along with their media minions in the bleachers, will never seriously discuss this subject. While they remain diametrically opposed to our Constitutional beliefs, and since the conspiracy theory is reserved as conservative fodder, why is it that we conservatives join in with their conspiracy denials and laughter?

By our adopting this orchestrated Democrat/RINO retort, an image forms of our susceptibility to a redundant messaging agenda. And it’s a universal replay tool employed throughout every media outlet. Just about every report has or will be connected to conspiracy origins. After all, this repetitive design works in the world of advertising as telephone numbers are quickly repeated three times for its subliminal effects.

All I’m suggesting is that wouldn’t it be a more prudent course of action to insert a cautionary pause prior to our joining in with this Democrat, RINO, media chorus? When realizing that these are the same players who are feverish with their attempts to transform our constitutional republic into a socialist state, voicing this disbelieving retort entails a complicit behavior.

Need our record of disasters since WWII be rehashed in order to validate this hidden mischief? I think not when quickly canvassing our nation’s inept affairs overseas. Suffice to say that it is equally difficult to be a consistent loser as it is to be a consistent winner. If we consider the average results from bad and good judgment, unavoidable happenstance or just an occasional misreading of the tea leaves, a win somewhere along the way is not too much to expect.

Not to harp on “what ifs” but this record of unbroken failures screams out for a detailed study. In the sixty some years following WWII, it is almost mathematically impossible to achieve this level of unending frustration and embarrassment. When including America’s overall might, her world-wide respect and dominant positioning, this disastrous performance points to only one influence or cause. An intentional agenda must be taken into account. But then again, such a serious undertaking eventually returns the analysis to that catacomb of conspiracy laughter. What a web which has been weaved.

Our automatic discounting of a possible/probable threat is just not a healthy option. Many unknown facts and/or events have come to light in recent times. Aside from the adulterous sojourns of Clinton and Edwards, of which many would have previously denied vehemently, how many were aware of even the mere existence of those congressional checking accounts? The degree to which they were routinely abused, instead of their secrecy, detoured the public’s interest.

On the home front, it took the Tea Party presence to draw the RINO influence out from the shadows. How long was their agenda affecting political outcomes? And of course, innovation opened many new avenues. Cable TV’s CSPAN brought the daily charades of Congress into our living rooms while internet availability produced an avalanche of news sources which often contradicted the main stream product, a product which was formally taken as gospel.

I fully realize that with all which is heaped onto our political plate, the last thing needed is a question of this magnitude. But isn’t that exactly what caused our TP formation and unity?

Facts are pesky little items which often get in the way. Especially so when these allies of truth combine to construct what is intentionally hidden. Any effort to remain anonymous while connected with government, or any of its functions, spells a probable mischief on the greatest scale; and it is to this element of secrecy sought which defines a conspiracy.

At present, there is a ninety year old organization, intertwined with both government and all noteworthy stations of endeavor in our society. Its unknown presence offers the shield of unaccountability. Of its many thousands of members, hundreds currently occupy various governmental positions, of which many command high levels of authority.

The concern for maintaining secrecy by The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) can be confirmed by asking appropriate questions of those whose political intellect you respect. Their unknowing or more to the point, their refusal to answer, will provide testament to this cabal’s pursuit of secrecy. More than one conservative radio host will immediately disconnect the caller when an identifiable conspiracy word is uttered.

Consider the CFR’s mission statement as being “a resource for its members, government officials, business executives, journalists, educators and students, civic and religious leaders, and other interested citizens in order to help them better understand the world and the foreign policy choices facing the United States and other countries.”

Now that’s one heck of an order! Obviously, the first question to be answered is who anointed this CFR conglomeration as the “know all” being? What arrogance!

That mission quote was taken from the Wikipedia’s Council on Foreign Relations site. It also mentions that “The council publishes Foreign Affairs, ‘the preeminent journal of international affairs and U.S. foreign policy.’”

The definition of that word, “preeminent,” says it all. To quote, “Superior to or notable above all others.” This is the elitist mindset which has exerted input and overwhelming control over our disastrous post WWII foreign policies.

Two separate quotes from two different ‘walks of life” become worthy to our discussion. Rear Admiral Chester Ward, a CFR member for sixteen years stated in part, “they want to bring about the surrender of the sovereignty of the national independence of the United States.”

From the world of academia, Georgetown Professor Carroll Quigley, Bill Clinton’s mentor and CFR member stated, “The CFR is the American Branch of a society which originated in England and which believes that national boundaries should be obliterated, and a one-world rule established.” I should add that both these statements were taken from the CFR’s own website.

Prior to our Tea Party awakening, we trusted and relied upon many who proved unworthy. It was a song we sung and danced to in more unknowing times. But times change and so have we. Now, we still trust everybody but “we also cut the deck.” This is the precaution which needs to be employed against this anti-American unknown.

There are valid reasons for our nation’s pitfalls, both at home and abroad. And in their “preeminent” luster, they remain available for our discovery. Our Tea Party’s quest for a return to Constitutional government cannot be complete as long as subversive groups, such as the CFR, continue in the policy making mix.

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