American Clarion Week in Review, Ending May 26, 2012

These were the top articles at American Clarion over the past week. If you missed one the first time around, you truly missed out on some of the most relevant information and education of your day. But this is a good chance to get caught up before the new week rolls in.

Gov. Daugaard Brings War Against Republican Base Into the Open (Bob Ellis) – The past two years–a time when conservative values seemed to be on the ascendancy–has seen a civil war break out in the South Dakota GOP. At a time when Republicans control 73% of the state House and 86% of the state Senate and conservative bills should be passing with ease, we have seen many conservative bills shot down: gun rights, illegal immigration control, blocking Shariah law, promoting fiscal and personal responsibility, and fighting ObamaCare. Now Governor Daugaard has openly endorsed one Republican over the other in several primary races–picking those who will “play ball” over those committed to Republican principles, often comprising some of the worst examples of GOP values in the party.

SD Right to Life Voter Guide (Bob Ellis) – South Dakota Right to Life has released their 2012 primary voter guide. It examines the voting records (or, in the case of candidates who have not served in public office before, their statements and responses to surveys) of the candidates with regard to pro-life issues. For the Christian or anyone else who recognizes that human life is sacred, created in the image of God, and that innocent human life exists inside the womb, this is an issue of paramount importance.

Former Transgender Warns of Skirting Marriage Laws by Same-Sex Couples (Gina Miller) – Sexual anarchists have for many years now been waging war on morality, normality, marriage and the family. Despite a relentless, non-stop propaganda campaign boosted by the “mainstream” media, more than half of the 50 states have set up legal barriers to the counterfeiting of marriage. Now it seems homosexuals may be opening a new and unexpected front in the assault on marriage:through transgenderism.

Will Smith Smacks Reporter Who Smacked Him on Lips (Bob Ellis) – I like Will Smith. He’s one of my favorite actors. I’ve never had any use for rap, but from what I understand, his rap was pretty clean when he was doing that prior to becoming an actor. I’ve enjoyed him in such movies as Independence Day, Men in Black, Enemy of the State, I, Robot, Hitch, and I Am Legend. But probably the biggest laugh he’s ever given me came yesterday when Smith was in Moscow and a male Ukranian reporter kissed him on the lips.

Pelosi Confirms Elitist Opinion of Self (Carrie K. Hutchens) – Pelosi & Pals seem to feel they are the enlightened ones who have been granted the knowledge of all ages. They, the enlightened buddies, see the future (involving many issues) which the rest of us may not understand, may find inconceivable and may actually find totally unacceptable. It needn’t matter though, for they (they think) see and shall lead us to the inevitable (whether we wish to go there or not) because it is best for us according to their little fantasy world.

Connecticut’s Sexual Revolution Tourism Theme (Gina Miller) – David Pepe, who runs the Ignorant Fishermen website, and who lives in Connecticut, has brought to our attention a new, multi-million-dollar tourism campaign aimed at boosting Connecticut’s tourism income. David has seen through the hype and giddy promotion to the heart of the tourism slogan that Connecticut is “Still Revolutionary.” Unfortunately, the things Connecticut wants to emphasize are “revolutionary” in a very dark and dangerous way.

Public is Clueless About Obama–Thanks to the Media (Bob Ellis) – Have you ever wondered why I and many other conservatives call Barack Obama a Marxist? Maybe it has something to do with the fact that he admits to hanging out with Marxists during his college days, and to attending socialist conferences? Of course, anyone can change (there are a lot of things I’ve done that I’m ashamed of…but I’ve since rejected and repudiated them), but when Obama’s rhetoric and policies continue to reflect a Marxist and socialist flavor, it isn’t hard to figure out.

Alert: Governor Endorsing Pro-Abortion Candidates! (Newswire) – South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard just endorsed two pro-abortion state Senators. It’s highly unusual for a Republican Governor to get involved in Republican Primary Elections, supporting one Republican over another. The South Dakota Republican Party just condemned that kind of action by any party official. But that hasn’t stopped Daugaard from choosing Republican candidates who oppose the Right to Life!

Blacks and same-sex marriage (Star Parker) – Perhaps history will show that the first black president’s biggest contribution to black America was forcing this community to come to terms with its own identity and priorities. By formalizing his support of same-sex marriage, President Barack Obama has pushed blacks to decide what is most important to them: The Biblical message they hear in church every Sunday, or the big government liberalism that they regularly vote for on Tuesday of Election Day.

The Heart Has Its Reasons (Michael Day) – After reading many of the comments posted on to Gina Miller’s article, “Former Transgender Warns of Skirting Marriage Laws by Same-Sex Couples”, I was struck by a fundamental flaw in the homosexual/transgender/etc. position. Whatever their feelings are seems to justify in their own minds everything from condemning the traditional values they transgress, demanding social mores be changed to accommodate them, accusing Christian apologists of being motivated out of fear or hate and even changing the definition of words like marriage, male and female to be altered to fit their agenda.

Thanks go out to the writers who put their hard work and their passion into these articles, and to the readers who make it worth doing.

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