Obama Plays Keystone Cops over Religious Freedom Attack

Catholic organizations across the country have filed more than a dozen lawsuits (in addition to those already filed several weeks ago) against the attack on religious freedom being perpetrated by ObamaCare.

As Jim Angle points out, when the Obama Administration launched this assault (remember the sneak peek “journalist” George Stephanopoulos gave us at the GOP debate?), they thought they were launching a war over contraception…not realizing they had the gun pointed backwards and were launching an attack on the First Amendment and religious freedom–the freedom that the earliest settlers of American left Europe and came here to get.

What a bunch of Keystone Cops! As stupid as it was, it makes perfect sense from this bunch of Marxist elitists. They hold anything under the banner of Christ in contempt and disdain, so I’m sure they thought they were going to paint a bunch of primitive Christian rubes as knuckle-dragging morons who want to stop women from having access to contraceptives…and in their arrogance they revealed themselves for the vicious enemies of religious freedom (and freedom in general) that many of us have long known them to be.

A number of misguided Catholics jumped onboard the ObamaCare bandwagon a few years ago when it was fighting for passage, due to the misunderstanding some Christians have about the role of the church and individuals to help people as opposed to the government doing such things for which it has no constitutional or moral authority. Most of those Catholics have by now seen that they were giving the scorpion a ride across the river…and now the stinger is out.

In his arrogance, Barack Obama has kicked a hornet’s nest…at a time when he least needed one.

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