America’s Aging Military Infrastructure



When I was a teenager, the F-15 was the newest and hottest fighter in the U.S. Air Force, and I really wanted to fly it.

It’s still a good plane…but it’s well over 30 years old. How many of you are driving a car around that’s 30 years old? How many of you are depending on a 30-year-old piece of machinery to keep you safe?  You’ll find the video below on America’s aging air force both sobering and frightening–or you should.

We have an incredible new fighter, the F-22. It’s fast, it’s stealthy, it’s maneuverable like nothing else on earth. Unfortunately President Obama has scuttled production of more F-22s, and Democrats continue to salivate for $1 trillion in additional defense spending cuts.

Meanwhile, with nearly every trip to the store, we make communist China richer and more able to build a military that will soon be able to challenge us in the Pacific…and around the world. And just a few days ago, we got our first real look at China’s new stealth fighter–a rippoff of American technology, but an advanced new fighter, to be sure.  While we’re drowning in debt from over $1.5 trillion in unconstitutional entitlement spending each year, China is getting richer and more powerful.

America seriously needs to pull its head out of whatever dark place it has stuck it and get our priorities right. The world is filled with enemies who hate us, and Barack Obama’s Apology Tour and all his bowing and scraping before the world has proven that no amount of groveling and self-humiliation will make them like us.

We must kick all these socialists (whether they have a “D” after their name or whether they have an “R” after their name) out of office, go back to following the Constitution, let Americans provide for themselves, and get back to the business of keeping our freedom and our prosperity safe.

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