Blessed Victory for Marriage in North Carolina

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With all the terrible, anti-America, anti-Constitution news that emanates daily from the current communist regime in Washington, it is quite refreshing and uplifting to see some good news for a change.  On Tuesday, a victory for marriage was won in North Carolina, with over sixty percent of voters approving a state constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage and prohibiting state and local governments from recognizing unmarried couples.

The consensus continues.  Everywhere this issue is put to a vote by the people, marriage is upheld.  North Carolina brings the total to 31 states to have done this.  It is a small, but vocal, minority that demands a perverse, impossible definition of marriage be recognized.  But, that is no marriage at all.  Two men or two women could never form a marriage union.  True marriage is not a cultural fad, isolated in time or place.  This is a global truth which has been in place since the dawn of time, since God created man and gave him woman to be his helper and wife.

On Wednesday, the News Observer quoted Tami Fitzgerald, the chairman of the group Vote for Marriage, as she spoke at a victory celebration at the Hilton North Raleigh,

“‘Ladies and gentlemen, through God’s great mercy we have won an overwhelming victory tonight,’ she said.

The voters, she said, sent a clear and unmistakable desire to ‘protect marriage in our state, in our country.

‘As you all know, marriage was not invented by government. Our creator established it as the union of a man and a woman in an exclusive lifelong covenant and it has merely been recognized by government as the key to a strong and flourishing society.’”

She is correct.  Mankind did not create marriage; God did.  And, what God has made and defined, man can never redefine.  Oh, he can certainly try, but all he will succeed in doing is perverting God’s sacred union of one man and one woman, but man cannot change what marriage is.  No matter how many rogue judges or devious and deviant politicians try to force a false definition of marriage on the people of America, it will never be true.  Homosexual “marriage” is not only a sham, but it is a danger to our nation.  It invites nothing but evil, as it mocks God’s very design for human sexuality and family relationships.  Nothing good can come of it.

Naturally, those on the radical Left are unhappy with this vote.  Even the Communist-in-Chief, Barack Obama (or whatever his name is), expressed his displeasure through a spokesmouth.  According to the San Francisco Chronicle,

“…Obama’s campaign says he’s ‘disappointed’ with North Carolina’s constitutional amendment banning gay marriage.

Obama campaign spokesman Cameron French said in a Tuesday statement that the ban on same-sex unions is ‘divisive and discriminatory.’ French says same-sex couples deserve the same rights and legal protections as straight couples.”

The word “discriminatory,” from “discriminate,” has been vilified in our deranged, politically correct society.  Discrimination is necessary for discernment.  The main definition of discriminate is the act of making careful distinctions.  Being able to discern truth requires discriminating between truths and lies.  Of course, when it comes to marriage, it is an easy call to discriminate between a fake and the real deal.

So, yes, defending and affirming marriage is most certainly discriminatory, and when you have polar opposite forces, each demanding to be recognized, you have sharp division.  There can be no common ground between those who would counterfeit marriage and those who are fighting to defend marriage against a lying “definition” of it which is born in the demonic pit of Hell.

Mr. French declared that same-sex couples deserve the same rights and legal protections as “straight” couples.  Well, Mr. French, every American, including homosexuals, already has all the same rights, when it comes to marriage.  We all have the right to marry someone of the opposite sex who is not a close relative and who is beyond the age of consent.  This is not about granting new “rights” to anyone; it is instead a full-frontal assault on the institution of marriage and the family.

The communists know that when they destroy the family unit, they weaken and fracture the unity of the society.  The family is the bedrock of civilization, and a society of families united behind moral values is not easily divided and conquered by a power-hungry, communist state.  That is why we are seeing such a fevered propaganda campaign aimed at our school kids.  The radical Left is working overtime to program acceptance of homosexuality into the impressionable minds of our young people.

They are making disturbing headway, as so many kids nowadays see nothing wrong with homosexuality and same-sex “marriage.”  I shudder to think of the future of America when a large majority of the younger generations fully accepts the disintegration of marriage and family.  We are already too far down that dark road, and one day we will reap the deadly harvest of it.

In the meantime, we thank the Lord for this victory in North Carolina, and we pray for victories for marriage in November in other states like Minnesota and Maine that are putting this vital issue to the voters.  The demonic forces of homosexuality and their human minions will not cease their wicked fight for counterfeit marriage, and neither will we stand down in our defense of truth.

As the days grow ever darker, I keep reminding myself that those of us who belong to the Lord, whose names are written in the Lamb’s Book of Life, will have the final victory.  Despite the terrible Hell to be unleashed on the Earth, in the very end, we win.


  1. USA = Greatest says:

    Yeah, why do gays think they should be allowed to pursue happiness? Do they actually think they are equal to the rest of us normal people? It was a mistake to treat women equal and a mistake to treat the colored people equal. Over my dead body are we going to treat the gays equally. Am glad we are all on the same page here.

    • Bob Ellis says:

      I’m not sure why you think homosexuals shouldn’t be entitled to pursue happiness like everyone else. However, like everyone else, homosexuals are subject to the same rules and realities as the rest of us. Everyone is subject to the requirements of finding a partner of legal age, not a close relative, who consents and is of the opposite sex, in order to form a marriage.

      Perhaps you are disconnected from reality enough to think it logical to treat people differently on the basis of an innate, morally neutral characteristic such as skin color, but conservatives don’t share such silly views. Like all well-adjusted grownups, conservatives understand, as Martin Luther King stated when he dreamed of a day when people are judged by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin, that while innate, morally neutral physical characteristics are a poor basis for differentiation, differentiation based on _behavior_ forms not only the basis of all societal law and order, but the basis of all moral distinction.

      You would do well to learn these fundamental truths.

    • JohnAngel915 says:

      USA=Greatest. Gays aren’t after being “allowed to pursue happiness”. They’ve had that right as much as the rest of us. What the radical homosexual agenda seeks, is for heterosexuals to declare that an abnormalty, is normal. Be gay, be happy. I’m all for gays having a state recognized “legal partnership” for the purpose of hospital visitation, leaving their insurance benefits the their designated beneficiary, etc. I haven’t checked whether all states offer these types of benefits to gays or not, but I’m for that. Funny (not ha ha, funny) isn’t it, how Obomma says “It should be up to individual states, whether to allow gays to marry, or not”, while he has his lap dog in the Dept of Injustice ATTACKING border states that are trying to secure their borders with Mexico. Attacking the states that are trying to protect their citizens from the invading 3rd worlders that are pouring through our borders, and are robbing, raping, and murdering U/S citizens. To say nothing of the illegal immigrants that are robbing US ALL, legally, via theft of Social Security, food stamps, welfare fraud, wrecking our hospitals etc. Slowly, painfully slowly to those of us that knew the fraud was a fraud years ago, the layers of masks are being peeled away from the Monster.

    • DCM7 says:

      Yeah, we get the attempt at satire. But it doesn’t work.
      “It was a mistake to treat women equal and a mistake to treat the colored people equal.”
      It’s obvious that you buy the common fiction that “sexual orientation” is an innate and morally neutral quality like gender or race. Until you ditch that falsehood, you’re going to be at war with reality when it comes to homosexuality. It’s a behavioral issue, one that can be, and often has been, overcome. And, like it or not, being a sexual behavioral issue, it’s much more analogous to, say, pedophilia than the things you falsely compare it with.
      “Do they actually think they are equal to the rest of us normal people?”
      Unequal behavior can make a person “unequal.” Would you consider, say, a pedophile “equal” to everyone else?

  2. thinkwell says:

    Not only is same-sex marriage wrong from a religious point of view, but it makes no sense from the secular side either once the societal function of marriage is properly understood, i.e., to produce and raise the next generation of civil society.

    Thus, society has a unique vested interest in promoting traditional marriage and it is for this very reason that the civil/secular aspect of marriage actually is primarily a contract between the marrying couple and their community. Society agrees to provide the couple with official recognition and support, including monies that are taken from the general tax-paying population and given over to the couple and their children in the form of tax breaks, school funding and other benefits. For their part, the couple make an implicit good faith agreement to remain bound in matrimony and to attempt to produce and responsibly raise any ensuing children. This simply has no parallel in (non-existent) homosexual marriage. No matter what they are called, same-sex unions are intrinsically unable to bring an equal value to the table in this regard, so there is absolutely no reason why society should be expected to provide these relationships with equal recognition and support.

    If same-sex couples wish to hold private, extralegal commitment ceremonies and privately call themselves “married” that should be their right, but they, in turn, must respect my privacy rights and stay well out of my face about it, let alone expect the community at large to be forced to be an unwilling party to their private agreements. For reasons of public health, society has an interest in encouraging abstinence and monogamy, regardless of sexual orientation, but this rises nowhere near to the level of compelling interest that traditional marriage uniquely provides.

    Sadly, as part of the ongoing assault on our way of life as free and sovereign citizens under our Constitution, the forces of the “progressive” left have been attempting to diminish or kill the nuclear family and replace it with the nanny state. They denigrate and trivialize traditional marriage by attempting to reduce it to simply one of many “equally valid” hedonistic cum se cum sa relationships (if same-sex marriage, why not plural marriage, sibling marriage or even parents marrying their own grown children?). People born with their sexuality truly cross-wired are a very small percentage of the population, so what these people do privately really doesn’t have much of an impact one way or another, but allowing them and their “cause” to used by the left to knock out the very foundation of civil society must not be allowed. In this regard, the good citizens of North Carolina deserve our highest support and gratitude for their courage and leadership.

    Along with their attack on marriage, one of the left’s other great crimes against society has been their attempt to assassinate fatherhood (at first primarily in the black community) by the insidiously named “welfare” system, which actually is just more premeditated evil hypocrisy under the guise of good intentions. The “do-gooder” left embraces its latest victim with one arm and coos, “Poor dear, you can’t possibly make it on your own – let me help.” while its unseen hand slowly slips the knife between the hapless victim’s shoulder blades.