Video: Dan Savage At War With God

This video compiles evidence that makes a compelling case for any objective mind that homosexual activist Dan Savage is at war with God.

Indeed, his so-called “anti-bullying” campaign (which is one of the multiple cloaks of respectability under which the homosexual agenda operates these days) is itself a bullying campaign itself–bullying anyone who refuses to bow in homage to political correctness and the homosexual agenda.

We’ve long known of the Orwellian hypocrisy of the homosexual movement, going back to the passage of Proposition 8 in California when the mask really came off the “tolerance” fakers.

It never hurts to see some fresh evidence of who the real intolerant ones, the real bullies, actually are.  Since the Obama Administration’s Ministry of Public Enlightenment (aka the “mainstream” media) always runs whitewash cover for the homosexual agenda, innoculations of reality like this are helpful in keeping us and our friends focused on the real nature of the issue.

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