Conservative Mourdock Trounces RINO Lugar

Richard Mourdock, the man who defeated long-time Senator Richard Lugar in Indiana’s Republican primary with 60 percent of the vote, is opposed to big government at home, and big government abroad.

During a conference call organized by Americans for Limited Government (ALG) last week, Mourdock made it clear that he would safeguard American sovereignty and independence.

By contrast, the defeated Lugar had been a persistent supporter of international treaties and agreements that would allow for internationalists to influence U.S. policy. Even after the “climategate” scandal implicated the Climate Research Unit (CRU) at the University of East Anglia in Great Britain, Lugar, and other establishment figures, continue to accept the premise of man-made global warming theories.

Emails leaked from the CRU show the researchers were willing to manipulate and doctor scientific data when they could find no evidence that climate change was tied to human activity. The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has been heavily reliant upon the CRU for emissions restrictions polices that Sen. Lugar and others have advanced.

Mourdock, a geologist by training, has a much different view.

Just a few miles from where he lives in Indiana, is a marker that shows where glacial ice once covered Northern America, Mourdock told listeners. There’s no question the climate has changed and that it continues to change, he said. But the idea that mankind is largely or even partially responsible for warming and cooling cycles is not rooted in fact, Mourdock said. Even so, too many government officials to continue to shape and drive policy based on U.N. findings that are highly suspect, he noted.

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Earlier in the month, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said during a reception held for the Environmental Defense Fund that he viewed climate change as a potential national security threat. In reality, Panetta should be concerned about his own policies, Mourdock said.

“The irony here is that our energy policy is in fact a threat to our national security,” said Mourdock. “We are basing our energy policy on the greatest hoax of all time, which is that mankind is changing the climate.”


Mourdock also expressed opposition to the Law of Sea Treaty, which Panetta advocated in his speech. Proponents claim that it would grant the U.S. greater access to sea lanes and head off international disputes. Mourdock is opposed because in his view it would empower U.N. bureaucrats and prevent the U.S. from acting unilaterally in its own best interests.

“I don’t view the U.N. has the answer to every international problem,” Mourdock said. Mr. Lugar does seem to think the U.S. should ever act unilaterally. But in the U.N. there are a number of nations that are not sympathetic toward us.”

If elected in the general election, it appears there will be a fresh breeze blowing into the Senate coming from Indiana, and the stagnant air around the Potomac could sure use it.

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