Rep. West: History Teaches Us About Islam

As usual, Rep. Allen West (R-FL) pulls no punches at the Reclaim American Liberty Conference.  He indicates that Islam, its goals and methods aren’t hard to figure out. It’s been doing essentially the same thing since the 7th Century when it was founded, not so much as a simple religion but what he calls a “theo-political belief system.” Since the days of its founder Mohammed, Islam has been a belief system built on conquest.

If you read the Quran and Hatith, you will find that Islamic terrorism is not a perversion of Islam as the politically correct among us claim, but rather the natural expression of Islam’s tenets.  Those peaceful Muslims among us who are not seeking the advancement of Shariah and the path of Jihad–and there are many–are heretics to Islam, not adherents.  They are akin to the “Christian” who calls himself a Christian but does not seek to live by the Bible, never shares his faith with a nonbeliever, indulges in the same carnal pleasures as any nonbeliever, and lives by the same ethical compromises (or outright capitulations) as any nonbeliever. In other words, such a Muslim is as much a “cultural Muslim” as what we know as the “cultural Christian” is actually a Christian.

As West points out, until we elect leadership in America that is willing to face up to this truth, “We will continue to chase our tail, because we will never clearly define who this enemy is.”

Sadly, party affiliation means little in determining who gets it and who doesn’t in this department. Despite the commendable job President George W. Bush did in defending America post-911, you will recall his repeated statements that Islam is a “religion of peace;’ I understand the practical reason he did this, but what of the harm that does to the truth? And let us not forget the head-in-the-sand approach of some “Republicans” here in South Dakota, either.

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