More Police Assaults in May Day Mayhem

Occupests in Los Angeles doing what the Occupy Wall Street movement does best: assaults and contempt for law and order.

In two different incidents in Los Angeles on the Marxist holiday May Day, Occupy LA Marxists assaulted a female police officer, and assaulted several police officers from behind with a large wooden instrument.

Keep this in mind when you think about volunteering to help a candidate, making a contribution to a candidate, and for whom you will cast your votes this election year. Remember which political stripe has applauded the Occupy movement, and which political strip shares ideological congruity with this bunch.

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  • thisoldspouse

    I’m sure the occuprotesters will cooperate fully in identifying the felons.  Why wouldn’t they; they’re always trying to distance themselves from the law-breakers, aren’t they?

    But we won’t hold are breath.  Silence is complicity.  

  • thisoldspouse

    Until these violent anarchists are shot on sight while committing their crimes, these incidents will only escalate.  They are basically learning that they can commit these felony assaults with impunity, with full enabling by the crowd they are in.