Marxists Breed Chaos in Wisconsin

I think the battle we have seen over the past year or so in Wisconsin–as Gov. Scott Walker and fellow Republicans have worked to rein in decades of runaway socialist largess at taxpayer expense, and the hideously childish behavior of Marxists in Wisconsin–can succinctly be described as a war between the takers and the producers.

This video from the Education Action Group Foundation in Michigan is very informative.  Even if you’ve watched a lot of the pathetic behavior of the Left in Wisconsin (not to mention their nationwide Marxist brethren in the Occupy Wall Street movement, this presentation is very well put together and helps bring an ordered understanding to the chaos unleashed by the Left in Wisconsin.

As we see the pushback by the Left nationwide, in response to unprecedented calls for fiscal sanity and constitutional government from the Tea Party movement, it isn’t just Wisconsin that is embroiled in a war for its future. Indeed, our entire country is reaching a flashpoint between those who expect our leaders to honor their oath to the Constitution and provide responsible leadership…and the takers who simply covet ravenously and would, if allowed, kill the goose-that-laid-the-golden-egg known as America.

As the Left has demonstrated in Wisconsin and OWS nationwide, they will stop at nothing (not disrespect for the law, not contempt for the Constitution, not hypocrisy, not crime, not depravity, not hatred for America, not lies and deception) to get their way and plow under 200+ years of unprecedented freedom.

Do freedom-loving Americans have the kind of determination, the kind of grit it will take to not just stand against them, but defeat them?  Time will tell…and that time is short.

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  • thisoldspouse

    Excellent, excellent expose of the Wisconsin anarchist movement.  Thanks for posting this.

  • Way Smarter

    How about we take back half the government checks you have collected being in the Air Force and “law enforcement” (whatever that is)? And stop any current or future pension checks. Hey Bob? Put your money where your fat mouth is. I mean, you have been part of the problem of overpaying these lazy government workers. Mitt sits at 41% in Ohio, how is that working? 

    • So you consider constitutionally-authorized national defense to be wasteful?

      Par for the course with anti-American Leftists like yourself. Don’t worry: our military personnel will continue to protect you from your own stupidity, and won’t even expect any thanks from you. That’s just what grownups do.