Underdog Democrat Fighting Party Unfairness in Indianapolis

Woodrow WIlcox

Pro-life Democratic congressional candidate Woodrow Wilcox is fighting the unfair tactics of leaders of the Democratic Party in Indianapolis. Wilcox is challenging pro-abortion Congressman Andre Carson in the Democratic primary on Tuesday. May 8. Wilcox’s campaign website is www.ElectWilcox.com.

Wilcox complains that the leaders of the Indianapolis-Marion County Democratic Party have refused to give him a list of current Democratic precinct committeemen and that the Democratic Party representative on the Marion County Election Board voted to refuse to give Wilcox and other unslated Democratic candidates a list of Democratic Party voters which Indiana law requires be made available to primary candidates.

Several Democratic candidates who experienced the unfair discrimination and dirty politics of the local Democratic Party joined together to file a lawsuit to force the release of the list of registered Democratic voters. But, Wilcox decided that he did not want to join such a lawsuit or wait for a judge’s ruling. So, he is trying to reach voters in unusual and creative ways.

“I checked with Post Office officials and the Federal Election Commission and learned that it was legal for me to send campaign letters and postcards to businesses and churches. So, I started doing that. If someone does not like it, blame the leaders of the Democratic Party in Indianapolis for denying me the normal lists used in campaigns,” Wilcox explained.

Ten days before the election, Wilcox sent a letter to 500 churches, temples, and congregations in Indianapolis. He asked the leaders to help him fight the unfair discrimination against a pro-life candidate by the Marion County Democratic Party by speaking the truth. He asked that worship leaders invite the Democrats in their congregations to visit Wilcox’s campaign website www.ElectWilcox.com and decide for themselves for whom they should vote.

“I did not ask for them to campaign for me or donate to my campaign. I just asked them to help me fight the unfair discrimination by the leaders of the local Democratic Party by inviting Democrats to visit my website and telling them that the Indiana Right To Life Political Action Committee endorsed Woodrow Wilcox for Congress and not Andre Carson,” Wilcox elaborated.

Wilcox can make a point while being funny. Recently, he posted a humorous video on his campaign website. In 1978, Wilcox won a talent show contest at Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) for an act as a ventriloquist. His video “Woody & George” humorously pokes fun at pro-abortion Andre Carson while making some very serious points on issues.

Wilcox can be serious, too. He knows that he is the underdog in the campaign. In a recent interview with reporter Dan Carden of The Times, Carden asked Wilcox to comment on the fact that for every one dollar Wilcox raised for the campaign, Carson had raised one hundred dollars.

“It makes for a great ‘David versus Goliath’ story, doesn’t it?” Wilcox asked.

His campaign theme is “Woodrow Wilcox, pro-life Democrat for Congress, running against Andre Carson. Woodrow Wilcox respects life, our constitution, and everyone’s constitutional rights.”

Wilcox is against Obamacare. He says that Obamacare is the most anti-life, anti-senior citizen, and anti-constitutional liberties law that was ever passed. He is not Catholic, but he is standing with Catholics to defend their constitutional rights to oppose unconstitutional rules from the Obamacare law.

“If the President and Congress are ready and willing to ignore the constitutional rights of Catholics today, what would prevent them from ignoring the constitutional rights of Jews, Hindus, Protestants, or others next week, next month, or next year? We must respect and defend the constitutional rights of everyone. It is the ‘glue’ that holds our society together,” Wilcox asserted.

Wilcox has written over 300 articles about problems with Medicare and about 40 articles about the faults of the Obamacare law. Wilcox has worked at a major insurance agency for over nine years. During that time, he has helped senior citizen clients of that firm save over one million dollars by finding and correcting erroneous medical bill charges that were caused by mistakes in the Medicare system. He has published his calculations for his belief that the Medicare system, before Obamacare, was cheating senior citizens throughout America by one billion dollars per year. He wrote articles that warned that the Obamacare law was anti-senior citizen and would cause problems for everyone else, too.

Wilcox criticizes Andre Carson for voting for the final Obamacare bill without even reading it or studying it. To Wilcox, that was just irresponsible of Carson.

“Every member of Congress takes an oath to protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies, both foreign and domestic. That includes protecting the citizens against unconstitutional violations of their rights. To do that, a Congressman should study every bill before voting on it. To not do so means that the Congressman can not be trusted to take the job seriously. Such a person can not be trusted with any government power. That is my complaint against Carson,” Wilcox stated.

Wilcox is very pro-life. He criticizes Carson for repeatedly voting to give federal tax dollars to groups that promote and / or provide abortion on demand. Wilcox says that is an immoral waste of tax money.

“Carson votes to give federal money to the abortion industry special interests. Then, the abortion industry special interests donate to his campaign. After a campaign, a Congressman can give leftover campaign money to churches and charities. But, some of the money that Carson would give is ‘blood money’ because innocent unborn babies shed their blood and died so that abortion industry special interests could donate to Carson’s campaign,” Wilcox noted.

Wilcox is very concerned that some African-American churches may accept donations from Carson’s leftover campaign funds. About one-third of aborted babies in America are African-American. Wilcox encourages African-American churches to get and show the movie “Black Genocide in 21st Century America” to fully understand how legalized abortion negatively affects the African-American community.

Recently, Wilcox attended a pro-life fundraiser at which Abby Johnson spoke. Johnson worked for Planned Parenthood for eight years. She described operating a sonogram machine during an abortion and watching as the thirteen week old embryo realized danger from the suction device and struggled to escape danger by frantically moving away but being trapped in the womb. She knew then that unborn babies experience fear and pain during an abortion and that the unborn have a will to live.

“But, the abortion industry special interests don’t want to give the unborn a choice to live, do they?” Wilcox quipped.

Wilcox says that he and other pro-life supporters are like the abolitionists before the Civil War.

“During legalized slavery, slaves were considered property and had no right to protest slavery. So, abolitionists spoke to help those who were not allowed to speak. Now, legalized abortion treats the unborn as property. So, I and other pro-life people must speak to help the unborn who can not speak for themselves,” Wilcox stated.

“Like John F. Kennedy, Hubert Humphrey, and ‘Scoop’ Jackson, I am a Democrat who is pro-life, pro-national defense, and pro-civil rights,” Wilcox explained. “If my run for Congress does nothing except start to push the Democratic Party back to being a party that respects life, respects our constitution, and respects our constitutional rights, I will consider my campaign a success. I know that I am the underdog in this race. And, I’m fighting for the real underdogs in America who are the unborn children who are being aborted because they’re considered property instead of little people who have inalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,” Wilcox said.

“I’m asking everyone in America to help me to connect with Indianapolis voters despite the unfair discrimination by the leaders of the local Democratic Party. I ask everyone to spread the word by phone, letter, and the internet that Woodrow Wilcox is the pro-life Democrat for Congress in the May 8 Democratic primary in Indianapolis and that his campaign website is www.ElectWilcox.com,” Wilcox concluded.

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    I know that I would vote for Woody, if I were in his district.