Soros Group: Calling People ‘Illegal’ is ‘Hate Crime’

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Members of the South Central Farm attending the immigrant rights march for amnesty in downtown Los Angeles California on May Day, 2006. The banner, in Spanish, reads "No human being is illegal".There is a lonely, barren place in what passes as the logic center of the brains of members of the communist Left.  Or, we could simply say that they are liars.  That is certainly true of leftist leaders—they are indeed liars, but many millions of followers of the Left are more likely just deceived.  That is A-OK with the power masters of the communist Left, because it is their aim to deceive.

I came across a promotional video for a campaign to abolish the word “illegal” when referring to people who are in our country illegally.  Yes, that is correct.  These leftists who are pushing for the dismantling of United States national sovereignty and promoting open borders are seeking to hijack the very language we use to describe criminal aliens.  Of course, that is nothing new.  For decades, these people have been manipulating the language to disguise their communist platform with euphemisms.

The video was produced by a group that calls itself Colorlines, which is itself a creation of the George Soros-funded Applied Research Center.  According to Discover the Networks, the Applied Research Center is a “racial justice” think tank that views the United States as having “structural racism” deeply “embedded in the fabric of society.”  Oh, sure!  That is why we have members of racial minorities in positions of power at the highest levels in all our institutions.  It must be all that “structural racism” that has placed Clarence Thomas on the Supreme Court, Condoleeza Rice as the former Secretary of State and Barack Obama (or whatever his name is) as President of the United States, and countless other examples.  Racism.  Yeah, right.

The 47-second Colorlines video is called “Drop the I-word,” and here is a transcript:

Announcer on the video is a young woman.  She does not appear on-screen; it is just her voice.  She says, “Calling a person ‘illegal’ takes away their humanity.  We can join our voices to ask media and government to drop the i-word now.  The i-word derails real conversation about immigration and human rights.”

[Brief clips of media use of the word “illegals” on television]

Announcer, “It’s racially charged, legally inaccurate and morally wrong.”

Video of Neil Cavuto saying, “Hello!  You’re illegal!”

Announcer, “And, as we have seen in the past, hateful language can be deadly.”

Video of Robert Smith, professor from Baruch College, saying, “‘Illegal’ functions like a racial epithet.  It’s a way of legitimizing violence against a particular group of people because of what they are.  That’s the definition of a ‘hate crime.’”

Announcer, “But we can stamp out the slur.  No human being is illegal.  Let’s drop the i-word.  Sign the pledge at drop the i-word dot com.”

Good grief!  Where do I begin?  This is really a pathetic piece of lying propaganda.

First of all, calling a person “illegal” does not take away his humanity; it simply describes the fact that he has broken the laws of the United States to enter our country illegally.  “Illegal” applies to any lawbreaker, and it does no good for a society to deny basic truths and try to pretend that “illegal” is not “illegal.”

The announcer then says that the word “illegal” derails real conversation about immigration and human rights.  What?!  Exactly what conversation does she want to have?  What is being “derailed”?  We correctly point out that certain people in America are illegal aliens who do not belong in our country, and that is a conversation-stopper?  I suppose it is if the conversation you want to have pretends that these people are not criminal aliens who have snuck into our country.

And, human rights?  What human rights are being denied to anyone by the United States?  What human rights do criminal aliens have in our country?  Criminal—Illegal—aliens have the right to be detained and deported.  If only we would honor those rights for them more often!

The announcer claims the term “illegal” is “… racially charged, legally inaccurate and morally wrong.”

An illegal alien can be from any nation, anywhere on Earth, but it just so happens that many, if not most, illegal aliens in our country are from countries south of the U.S.-Mexican border, but we have no need to substitute the word “illegal” for any foreign nationality.  And, for her to say that categorizing an illegal alien as “illegal” is “legally inaccurate” makes me wonder what, if anything, they are teaching our kids in schools nowadays.  She also does not seem to understand that correctly describing an illegal alien as “illegal” is not morally wrong—it is simply the truth.

Then the announcer drops another whopper, “And, as we have seen in the past, hateful language can be deadly.”

Hateful or not, Language can be deadly?  That is a new one on me.  No, wait.  I guess you could maybe argue that language is deadly, say, for someone in front of a firing squad when the guy says, “Fire!”  But, even then, his word itself did not—and could never—actually kill anyone; the bullets did.  So a command given (language) can result in death, yet these people are trying to equate a proper description of illegal aliens to words that lead to death.  I would say “give me a break,” but I know a break will not be forthcoming from people who make these kinds of ridiculous assertions.

So, then they bring in the “expert witness,” a professor at some college I’ve never heard of, and he really stretches the logic taffy to its breaking point as he claims that the word “illegal” functions as a racial epithet.  Boy-howdy!  The Left never gets tired of finding new ways to create “racism” where none exists.  His claim is ludicrous, but he was not done.  He went on to say that the “racial epithet” of “illegal” is a way to legitimize violence against these people.  Again, huh?!

I would ask what the heck he is talking about, but there is no need.  When it comes to the “logic” of the Left, there is no good answer.  He just throws those stupid statements out there as if all he says is simply a given, when anyone with only one eye half-open can clearly see the lies in his words.

Finally, he puts the icing on his fallacious argument cake by declaring that—by his above reasoning—describing someone as “illegal” is a so-called “hate crime.”  Does this guy really believe this bunk, or does he believe we are dumb enough to buy it?

The final message in the video is that, “No human being is illegal.”  This statement is either stunningly ignorant or deliberately deceptive—either way, it is not good.

This video, this piece of communist propaganda, is just one more fragment of the massive program of the Left.  All their lies are for the purpose of hiding their true agenda for our nation, an agenda that includes domination by global governance through the United Nations, the dissolving of our national sovereignty, complete centralized government control of the people and the abolition of our United States Constitution—just for starters!

The part played by illegal aliens includes helping to solidify the power of the Left through election fraud.  Illegal aliens who vote in our elections are not limited to one vote, and they each have the ability to cancel out many votes by legal American citizens.  The communist Left (which does include “RINO” Republicans, who are also members of the Left) has for years been actively flooding our nation with illegal aliens for the purpose of diluting the conservative vote and wreaking havoc on our social systems.

Since conservatives outnumber liberals in the United States, the Left desperately fights against any measures taken to ensure the integrity of our elections and to enforce our immigration laws.  They screech and wail against common-sense voter identification laws, because they rely on election fraud to help their side “win” office.  Voter ID laws are a good way to curb quite a bit of voter fraud that occurs.

The truly depressing prospect is that our elections may already be compromised to the point of no return.  I wrote about this back in mid-March.  We are facing the potential for massive election fraud this November—fraud that would favor Obama, whether the nation votes for him or not.

As we move further into these last days of our world, however long they may be, we must remember that in fighting the forces of darkness, whose foot soldiers are members of the communist Left, our most potent weapon is prayer.  We will continue to pray for our nation that God will have mercy on an undeserving people.  America collectively turned its back on the Lord in the 1960s, and as this nation has continued its godless march ever-deeper and ever-faster into depravity, we certainly do not deserve the Lord’s mercy.  But, the Lord is still merciful, and He may yet grant America a reprieve from this sickening, seemingly inexorable slide into the hellish, communist abyss.


  1. JohnAngel915 says:

    From the Mickiest Mouse of Universities to the most elite of Ivy League schools, and all in between, & from Pre-K thru high school, this Bolshevik indoctrination, agenda, has being espoused & promulgated for decades on ‘waycism!’. The ‘hayte cwimes & hayte spweech!’ laws (which Judeo-Christian caucasians don’t seem to be eligble for) rhetoric is a little more recent but not new. Libby has been insisiting that no human (referring to the hordes of 3rd worlders pouring thru our pourous borders) is an ‘illegal’ for awhile now. “Nobody is illegal”? Groovy, sounds like we can all ignore laws now, and perhaps I can now go about havng non-consenusal sex with whomever I choose, maybe knock over a few liquor stores maybe too, now that nobody, and nothing is illegal anymore. As Manchelle told us during the 07/08 campaign “Borock knows we are going to have to change our history, our conversation”, and of course Borock declared 5 days prior to illegally assuming the office of POTUS “We are 5 days away from the fundemental transformation of the United States of Americuh”. Though more of his rhetoric has been lies than truth, he has held true to ‘some’ of his campaign promises. I agree Gina, one of our best bets is for the nation (those of us oppose it’s destruction) is to deploy our “Weapon of Prayer”. Dear God, Bless & save our former Republic from Obommunism.

  2. retiredday says:

    Amen to John’s prayer!  But also, just as Gina has done here, we need to call them out when they spout their falsehoods.  Remember Romans 14:16: “Do not allow what you consider good to be spoken of as evil.”  Calling crime crime and criminals criminals is a good thing.  There is no hate or “wacism” in it.  It’s hard for me to imagine how people can say, do and believe the stupidity that calling lawbreakers illegals has anything at all to do with racism or hatred.  It’s as if they occupy their own separate universe, free from the constraints of rational thought and what used to be considered “common” sense in our “former Republic”.  And the level of apathy about Soros’s brand of propaganda is equally unbelievable.  The more they are ignored, the more they get away with.

    But: The effectual, fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much (James 5:16).

    • WXRGina says:

      Excellent points, Mike. We must not shut up. Keep telling the truth, even if it kills us.

    • JohnAngel915 says:

      Retiredday, “The Race Card”, shrieking “Waycism!”, anytime any non minority, or non-gay sneezes, is their answer, and accusation to everyone that doesn’t agree with them, and or their “pwogwessive” agenda. It’s the “blanket” that covers anything the opposition does. If so many U/S citizens are against Obomma, and his Marxist agenda, is this an admission that he couldn’t have really ‘honestly’ won the 08 election? I mean, c’mon, with a waycist underneath the skin of every ‘non-guilty white lib’, how else could such a charlaton, (a virturally unknown charlaton at that) get elected, except via massive electioneering, that the Dimocrats have been the master craftsmen at, forever. I’m not saying that any repugniccan hasn’t stolen a vote somewhere, but when you look at the “kings of stolen electionts” history is LOADED with the Dimocrats being the champs of “stealing it”. If it’s true that our elections precinct votes will be transmitted electronically, to Spain (Huh?), WHAT ELSE could it possibly mean, other than “the fix is in”. Why in HADES is our treasonous U/S Congress not screaming ‘bloody murder’? If there is/was no money, or power to be gained, WHY IN THE WORLD, would another nation, even ‘want’ to count our votes? The very notion has GOT to be as illegal as bank robbery. The silence from the 535 Lords n Ladys of D/C, is deafening.