Obama’s War on the American Economy

Open pit coal mining at the Eagle Butte Mine north of Gillette, Wyoming

Open pit coal mining at the Eagle Butte Mine north of Gillette, Wyoming

I think we’d all like to be able to generate electricity using a method that is completely clean and has absolutely zero unpleasant byproducts.

However, since we have thus far not even come close to finding a way to squat down and push out such a method, grownups realize that coal and oil are the only viable energy sources for the foreseeable future. I say “grownups” because liberals (who still live in the fantasy world primarily appropriate for kindergartener) continue to insist we can just “wishful think” efficient windmills and solar panels into existence that will meet all our modern electrical needs.

Or we could go back to the 19th Century and do all of our evening reading by the light of candles and kerosene lamps.  Somehow, I don’t imagine the Twitter-addicted, texting American Idol-watching liberals would really care for that, either.

Let’s all be grownups and face reality: coal produces more than half of our electricity in America, and it does so pretty cleanly.  I lived very near to several big power plants when I lived in Nebraska, and you’ll see lots more traveling across Wyoming.  Somehow, the air is never the filthy thing liberals would have us believe it is.  A lot of our nation’s coal is mined in Wyoming, too.

In these videos from GBTV, you’ll see what things would look like if Obama got his wish and bankrupted the coal industry. Coal costs 4 cents a kilowatt-hour to produce, but Obama’s fanciful environmentalist methods cost 22 cents per kilowatt-hour to produce. If you’d like America to be a Third World country, Obama’s plan is definitely the way to go.

He and his environmentalist friends seek to make America a Third World country (we’re too big for our britches, remember?) through asinine environmentalist regulations that do nothing positive for the environment but serve only to harass business.

So let’s make war on people like Barack Obama and his fellow Leftists who have made war on our nation’s primary energy source, and remove these people from any opportunity to influence our nation’s prosperity and economy.

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