Stop the Environmentalist Tyranny

Have you ever wondered why America is having such trouble competing in the global market?

Have you ever wondered why the American economy is struggling?

The answer is simple:

  • Since 1970, environmental regulation has increased 7,000%
  • 30% of economic red tape comes from environmental regulations
  • Environmental bureaucracy costs American business $281 billion every year
  • These costs translate into higher operating costs for water, gas, electricity, etc.

With this kind of drag on our economy, it’s no wonder we have a hard time making products that can be priced competitively in the global market.

It’s also no wonder why businesses don’t have more capital to expand and hire more workers.

We can protect our environment without an out-of-control regulatory tyranny like that of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). It’s time Americans took back their government and DEMANDED our representatives stop tyrannizing us.

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