The Different Flavors of Socialism

A simple truth, sent to me by Dr. Theo:

From the good folks at Patriot Post.

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  • retiredday

    It’s only my opinion, but I think Obama’s brand of socialism is what Michael Savage referred to as “pan-Leninism” in his book Trickle Up Poverty.  Democratic Socialism is best modeled in the European Union, but pan-Leninism takes that model even further to develop a global government, supplanting the sovereignty of nations with their consolidation into regions. 

    In some strange way, both Stalin and Hitler were patriots.  Each, in his own way, saw his own nation as the controlling power in the world.  Obama (OWHNI) doesn’t seek American power.  He would have us beholden to the “higher” governing authorities, such as the United Nations or a global caliphate.

    The United States has already embraced many attitudes and policies of socialism.  Adding globalism to socialism creates a deadly concoction, which is poisoning our nation.  The danger with pan-Leninist  politicians isn’t that they are leftists or liberals in the traditional sense.  The real danger is they aren’t looking out for American interests.  They aren’t concerned about this nation.

    Know your enemy … especially “the enemy within”.  That’s my opinion.