Visiting Wind Cave National Park

My family and I visited Wind Cave National Park for the first time today. It’s one of the many, many things to see and do around the Black Hills of South Dakota.

We had appointments in the morning, and it was a drive of a little more than an hour down to the park, so we didn’t have time to drive around in the park very much as we would have liked. Still, we saw a prairie dog town before we took the tour of the cave, and we saw some turkeys across from the parking lot after our tour of the cave.

The cave itself is primarily what we went to the southern Black Hills to see today, and it was great. The cave is the fifth longest in the world, coming in at over 130 miles of it mapped. They have several tours, and today we took the Natural Entrance tour which started by showing us the only natural entrance into the cave–a small hole barely big enough for one person to squeeze into. It was found in 1881 by a couple of brothers traveling through the area when they heard the sound of rushing wind and realized wind was jetting out of this hole in the ground.

The tour took us a little over an hour, and we went about 200 feet underground.  The cave has some geological formations that are found in almost no other cave in the world. It has “boxwork” honeycomb formations that form through a complicated process.  The pictures I took give you some idea of how incredible the cave is, but I’m not kidding when I say that they do not do justice to what you will see with the naked eye.

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