Calling a Catholic a Catholic & a Pelosi a Pelosi or Even a Sebelius

Nancy Pelosi looks on as Barack Obama addresses a joint session of Congress 2009

Nancy Pelosi looks on as Barack Obama addresses a joint session of Congress 2009 (Photo credit: Pete Souza)

It isn’t my place to decide whether Nancy Pelosi remains a Catholic in good standing with the Church itself (or even with God), but it is very difficult not to take note of her very defiant attitude and willingness to show the world how she thinks “she” can pick and choose who speaks for the Church and who defines the rules. Does she perhaps think she has some specially authority to by-pass and denounce the Church’s teachings, when they are an inconvenience to her agenda and in the way of the goals set forth by her and her pals? Maybe she simply thinks people aren’t paying attention and will believe whatever she says must be true or she wouldn’t dare speak it. Well, she wouldn’t, would she? Don’t do any counting on that assumption.

Pelosi was the House Speaker who stood in front of the cameras and said that they had to pass the healthcare bill to see what was in it. She also claimed that no taxpayer funds would go for abortion. Did she really believe that when she said it, or was she just fooling us people? Maybe even more importantly, did she have a clue that there was going to be a mandate that required religious organizations and churches to pay for contraception and abortion, even when it is against their teachings and beliefs?

What did Pelosi know and when did she know it?

We know she ignored the Bishops’ Conference and instead praised and quoted an organization calling itself Catholic, but certainly not authorized to speak for the Bishops, nor was it speaking for them. How many would know the latter to be true, if they were only following the MSM (main stream media) and listening to Pelosi and her little group of deceivers?

Ah, but that is just it.

Many people, though not Catholic, do pay attention to what the Catholic church is saying on certain matters. As a result, they would assume that if the Catholic church approved, and agreed to, the mandate, for example, then there must not be anything morally wrong with it with regard to contraception and abortion issues. After all, the Catholic church itself stands firm in issues regarding contraception and abortion, doesn’t it?

This is not to say that the listeners agree with the Catholic church’s teaching about most things, but rather, that they have come to expect certain things to be representative of the church and certain opinions (they agree with) to remain the same and something they can rely upon. So, since the Catholic church would never stand with the call for abortion on-demand, if they are said to be standing by a law or a mandate or whatever — it must not involve abortion on-demand, one would have a right to believe. No need to do research. All is confirmed. Or so it might be thought once upon a time.

None of this is to say that the Catholic church is the only church (or believer) that is against the mandates or abortion upon demand or anything else considered morally wrong — it just happens to be the one that got thrown into the spotlight and targeted first. And that is the keyword — FIRST!

Look who claims to be Catholic and yet is so involved in going against the teachings of the church. Not, just going against the teachings, but trying to force the church to break its own rules… to abandon its beliefs and teachings. Yes, look at just two of them — Kathleen Sebelius and Nancy Pelosi. Perhaps they fancy themselves the first female Pope of the church they so defy. Who knows what is in their minds or hearts, but it doesn’t matter.

The Catholic church is in the spotlight at the moment because of Sebelius & Pelosi’s words and actions. It is also in the spotlight because Obama led then Archbishop Dolan to believe that the mandates would not be forced upon churches and religious organization (not just Catholic ones). How soon did Cardinal Dolan learn he could not trust what he was told by the president. I’m sure it was quite a shock to him, though not to many of us. We’d already seen the deceivers hard at work. (They apparently hadn’t thought us smart enough to need the special deceiver treatment, so they seemed to have saved the wool for those they considered intellectually our superiors and in positions of influence.)

There are a great many things out there about the Catholic church that can be debated and discussed. However, the one that can be counted on, I believe, is that Sebelius and Pelosi don’t speak for it, though they seem to try to play upon the fact they were raised Catholic and supposedly are. Why do you think they are doing that? Might it be because they are trying to claim, in some way, that they speak for the church or the church of their illusions?

It might be important in the long run to figure out why Pelosi and her group of deceivers are doing what they are doing, but even more important, in the immediate — we must remember what has happened before and we MUST never forget the very important question that faces us now.

After the Catholic church, who will be next?


  1. dr. theo says:

    The seventh commandment states, “Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain; for the LORD will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain.”

    Pelosi and Sebelius are perfect examples of defiance of this commandment.  The commandment is not about cursing (although I think that is wrong, too), it is about those who would claim to be of God and use that to an advantage for personal gain or other ungodly motives.  Barry Lynn, Executive Director of Americans United for Separation of Church and State is another perfect example.

    • Carrie K. Hutchens says:

       You are so right, Dr. Theo.  Do you think these people ever really consider what they are doing and what commandments they are breaking?

      Every time I see the picture that is posted with this article, it gives me the chills.  Pelosi seems to actually be looking at Obama with adoration… as though he is a god — not just a man or politician she admires.  It’s frightening.