Democratic Folly Could Make Us See Red

In what seems like ages ago, the Democrat Party nominated Illinois Senator Barrack Obama as their champion in the 2008 Presidential Election. In 2011, that same major political party again endorses a candidate who, after three and a half years in office, has yet to prove his qualifications for that office, per enumerated in our Constitution. How is this possible?

According to the law of the land, which is our Constitution, under Article II, Section 1, Clause 5, it states, “No person except a natural-born citizen, or a citizen of the United States, at the time of the adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the office of President…”

As this continues to be skirted by the Obama Justice Department, not to mention our media, there is another injustice which hovers under the radar screen. When revealed, a death-blow to the honor and integrity of the Democrat Party will be its result.

It’s a given that Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign has the well wishes of his party. In doing so, they also endorse Obama’s anti-American policies, which for all intent and purposes are from the pages of the Communist Manifesto. If this appears shocking, a quick look back in history will reveal a cozy yet unknown relationship with our post WWII enemies. This reality is incredible while we publicly declare our “no matter what the cost” stand against the forces of communism. Now, the Democrat Party has officially attached their seal of approval to what most would agree is an Administration which is actually “fundamentally transforming America” into a Socialist enclave.

Before canvassing recent history, the first question to answer is why now and why sever such a successfully hidden arrangement? Why is it necessary to “lay all their cards on the table?” Why actually come out in the open and endorse a Marxist leader? For almost one hundred years, things have been progressing as planned, or so it seems. Why is there this need to bring attention to a shadow policy which is directly opposite to our national stance against communism? This is a monumental decision, a turning point and one that may suggest our possible demise as a free country, if in fact, this bold and revealing scheme is not defeated.

With such stakes in play, the usual Democrat versus Republican banter becomes needless foreplay to this pending confrontation of ideas and loyalties. It is now obvious that America stands at her precipice as the strategies of her enemies pivot upon a perceived numbers advantage.

As past events have played out, the accuracy of such a brutal assessment becomes substantiated, which in turn could spell a perilous future.

Every policy over the past three plus years has been anti-American, un-Constitutional or just plain counter productive to our system of free enterprise. Numbers are no longer the testament. What we see and experience in our daily lives tells the awful truth. Our confidence and trust has been shattered. We must pick up our pieces, do some house cleaning and start to rebuild.

For those skeptics, review our record against the successes of communism. This will undress any fancy speech promising change, especially “change that we can believe in.” If anything, this is one phrase which should now inflame every red-blooded American citizen. How dare he try this!

In looking back our initial step towards that 1848 Marx Manifesto was Woodrow Wilson’s creation of our Federal Reserve, which the fifth entry of the Manifesto required. Need I add that number two on that list was a graduated income tax? Marx concluded with a “free education for all children in public schools.” These are the main transitions which probably caused Nikita Krushchev to brag on June 19th, 1962 that “The United States will eventually fly the Communist Red Flag…”

Consider the reasoning behind our accepting Russia as an ally weeks before Japan surrendered. Their gains, without any sacrifice, were criminal from an American viewpoint.

Korea marked both our first modern war without a Congressional declaration and our first military clash against the forces of communism.

On the heels of our Korean defense, radio broadcasters reported about our stunning rebuke of those who had ousted the Russian military from Hungary. During their hard-fought respite of freedom, President Eisenhower passed on their request for national recognition as a free and sovereign country to the communist leaning UN authorities. This lack of official response from America brought the return of the Russian forces with a particular vengeance.

Those dreadful events, settling for a truce in Korea, then turning a victory over communism, into a resounding defeat, portrays policy inconsistency, at the very least. Compare that determined Korean effort with our cavalier indifference concerning a Hungarian victory, which was attained without the cost of one American life. Is there any wonder as to our infamous Vietnam quagmire?

These setbacks against Communism are now insulting bits of history as our eager global participation continues it’s evaporation of our former anti-Communist logic. Besides, a new adversary has emerged voicing the same world dominating threat.

Call me a skeptic but I’ve been burnt trying to enforce our foreign policies once before. The arena remains the same, it’s just the players that change. Instead of fighting the menace of communism, we now face this radical Muslim menace. However, before we all get our American dithers in a wad, this “menace,” which is supposedly against the Christian infidel, is specifically aligned against the Christian infidels located in free countries. If I’m not mistaken, and as hard as it is to believe, there are significant numbers of Christian infidels living in communist countries.

Excuse this veering off course but these brief examples are the composites to the picture of America being sold down the river. At home, the democrats are now in full view. It might be slightly premature but their President is impatient, as is often case with most ideologues. However, the ace up their sleeve, one which was hard to discern and even harder to accept, is now losing its effectiveness as RINO identities continue to emerge from the shadows.

The total numbers of Republican Establishment turncoats remain vague, mainly based upon our media’s refusal to report on their mischief, but just recently, that heralded conservative from primary fame, Gov. Rick Perry, has been undressed for his efforts to scuttle the Senatorial campaign of Texas’ Tea Party favorite, Ted Cruz.

The identifying stripe of RINO’s is their universal and unmistakable angst against any and all Tea Party candidates. This first surfaced back in 2010 with the Delaware Senatorial race of Christine O’Donnell. In 2012, their effort is now one of “the ends justifies the means.”

As their presence continues to become known, their behind the scenes machinations will increase. In essence, we face the enemy we expected but also uncovered one from within. This was in part due to the 2010 success of our Tea Party brethren, when many RINO’s were forced out from their individual grottos.

This election showdown is now in play for the simple reason that while it may be premature, the usurpers of freedom believe that their numbers spell victory. It will follow all the normal steps from our previous Presidential elections. However, if our enemy is correct, one day this may be viewed as a peaceful overthrow, a revolution from the Stars and Stripes to the “Red Flag.” Let’s make this a battle against communism that we finally win!

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