The Truth About the Southern Poverty Law Center Hate Group

You may or may not be familiar with the Southern Poverty Law Center.  It was once an organization with a useful purpose, created to combat the KKK Democrats who wanted to oppress black Americans. But like so many groups, it has been hijacked by militant Leftists and now fights organizations that tell the truth about the liberal agenda.  These Leftist propaganda artists have no credibility with real Americans who know anything about them.

That’s why I wasn’t at all concerned when local media contacted me the day the SPLC released its latest list of groups it hates concerning my website’s inclusion on their list. We’ve been telling the truth about this un-American rabble long enough that I knew precisely why we made the list–alongside other great groups like the Family Research Council, Constitution party, American Family Association, and many groups which tell the truth about the corrosive nature of liberalism. You can pretty much guarantee that if your group is publicly opposed to corrosive things like Shariah law, terrorism, illegal immigration, the legitimization of dangerous sexual practices, and the like, you may someday find yourself on the SPLC’s hit list.

One of the  outlets that contacted me told me this issue came up on a conference call between the SPLC and South Dakota law enforcement agencies.  Apparently, since law enforcement is entrusted with protecting the public from real hate groups, the SPLC sees this as a perfect “in” with which to harass legitimate pro-family, pro-America groups.  While a few might be taken in by their propaganda, I worked in law enforcement for several years and still know enough LE people to be pretty confident that most of them weren’t drinking the SPLC Koolaid.

This video illustrates that the good people in law enforcement aren’t being taken in.

Interestingly, we also learn that SPLC’s founder Morris Dees used to make money doing legal work (he’s a lawyer) for the KKK.  He didn’t found the SPLC until after the Civil Rights Act and the effective end of segregation (following the money?) and the practical end to anything the KKK might accomplish.

The group eventually seemed to find a new focus by smearing pro-family and pro-American groups, while keeping just enough of the real hate groups on their list to lend some shred of credibility to their nonsense. Given the big money from the Left (remember George Soros’ billions?), smearing groups that promote traditional American values could be a big money-maker.

The really bad part about the SPLC’s propaganda war is that there really are dangerous hate groups out there, like the KKK which was started by Democrats, as well as others.  When SPLC  uses their platform to cry wolf against good organizations, they indirectly provide cover for the real hate groups because we know what happens to the credibility of those who cry wolf.  That may be okay with the SPLC (since many of the real hate groups are actually from the Left in origin), but to the American people who would like to depend on reliable information for public safety, it leaves us distrustful of everything we hear.

The second video below is being given to law enforcement agencies around the country by the John Birch Society to make sure they have both sides of the equation.  As is always the case, when a lie is countered with the truth, I am completely confident that the objective, truth-seeking mind will easily see where the propaganda is coming from: the Left.


A Look into the Southern Poverty Law Center

Professor Carol Swain, professor of political-science at Venderbilt University, on the SPLC

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  1. retiredday says:

    God bless you for simply telling the truth about this despicable hate group.  They are still getting mileage from their associations of the sixties when the truth is they are totally dedicated to undermining the social/moral integrity of America.  I sincerely hope the American public no longer considers the Southern Poverty Law Center worth listening to.  There are so many better things to do.