Romney Spokesman Choice Portends a Liberal Administration

Want just a taste of what you can expect if Mitt “RomneyCare” Romney pulls off a miracle and manages to get elected to the presidency in November?

Well, at a time when a number of conservatives are trying to build a tentative bridge to Romney without completely abandoning their principles, and are making it clear “what Romney can do” to “reassure” conservatives that he really isn’t the liberal that his gubernatorial record makes clear that he is, Romney has chosen to send what can be nothing but a clear message to conservatives: “Your need for ‘reassurance’ doesn’t mean squat. I don’t need you.”

As Business Insider reports, Romney has hired openly homosexual Richard Grenell to be his foreign policy and national security spokesman.

That’s just great. If Romney manages to garner enough votes from conservatives desperate to have “anyone but Obama” and pull off a miracle election, we can expect Grenell to certainly hold some post within a Romney Administration–more than likely one involving relations with other countries.

Now, as anyone who knows me understands, I’m not real big on hand-wringing over what foreign socialist and other despotic countries think of the United States. Unlike our current president, I’m under no illusions that if we slap a “Kick Me” sign on our back and then bend over, the world will like us so much better. At the same time, I’m not real keen on a representative of the people of the United States to other countries being someone who lives the message that he is okay with openly behaving in an immoral fashion, and promoting a dangerous and unnatural sexual behavior. That’s just not the standard I want representing my values and those of most Americans to the world.

I should point out that Grenell was also an appointee within the Bush Administration. While some people will undoubtedly employ the liberal math that “two wrongs really can make a right” to excuse this, the math falls just as flat as it would if the people involved had a “D” after their name. I was unaware of Grenell’s appointment, much less his sexual proclivities, and I expect most other Americans were as well.

I should also point out that conservatives were something less than satisfied with the performance of the Bush Administration. While he did an admirable job of defending America post-911 (talk of “the Religion of Peace” not withstanding), and can be credited with some other victories including some great Supreme Court appointments, Bush fell far short of upholding the core Republican values that rank and file Republicans were looking for. In other words, if you’re looking for a model of a good Republican leader, President Bush wouldn’t be the first choice.

However, Bush’s record is considerably better than Mitt Romney’s as governor of Massachusetts.   George Bush held the line on the protection of innocent human life. He also held the line on protecting marriage from homosexual counterfeiters. Bush also didn’t try to engineer a government takeover of the health care system as Mitt “RomneyCare did, nor did Bush pay homage to the religion of anthropogenic global warming and try to force cap and trade taxes and regulations on the people.

In other words, if you’re a real Republican (i.e. a conservative), you can expect worse–much worse–from a Romney Administration than you ever got from the Bush Administration. And if you’re hoping for at a minimum some good judicial appointments from a Romney Administration, you might want to check out Romney’s judicial appointment record in Massachusetts…and start weeping now.

No, as I stated before, Romney’s choice of an open homosexual to be  a spokesman for him sends a very clear and in-your-face message to conservatives: take your concerns and your hopes…and shove ’em.

So all you “Republicans” out there who listened to the GOP establishment bull and the Obama Administration’s Ministry of Public Enlightenment (aka the “mainstream” media) tripe about “Romney is the only one who can beat Obama”,  I hope you’re happy with yourself for having failed to support a real Republican in the primary. You’ve doomed America to, at best, a choice between bad and pathetic.


  1. DCM7 says:

    With so many people wanting a conservative president, how exactly did we end up having to choose between two liberals?

    • Bob Ellis says:

      I believe it was a two-stage process. (1) The RINO establishment and the “mainstream” media heavily promoted the my that “only Romney can beat Obama” (and the massive chunks of cash the establishment threw at Romney gave an air of credibility to this lie, and (2) too many otherwise good conservatives and Republicans have allowed themselves to be fear-mongered and have bought into this lie. A major contributor to the success of this strategy has been the division of the more conservative vote between Santorum, Gingrich and a small number for Ron Paul.  In fact, this latter factor may have had more to do with the current pathetic situation than the former two-stage process I mentioned.