How to Make America Fail: The Plan Already Under Way

How to destroy America: a plan already well under way, courtesy of the Left.

The current state of America has become so crazy, so alienated from common sense that you couldn’t make this up if you wanted to.

Some of the key elements of this plan to destroy the greatest nation on earth (you will have seen most of them in the headlines):

  • Cut off our supply of cheap and abundant energy
  • Make Americans feel bad about using energy
  • Force Americans to use expensive and inefficient energy sources
  • Take over the schools to promote an anti-energy, environmental extremist agenda
  • Teach people to loathe modern convenience
  • Encourage people to hate the free market and prosperity
  • Bury the people under a mountain of regulations that they cannot even understand
  • Discourage invention and innovation
  • Enlist a sympathetic “mainstream” media to help spread this propaganda
  • Keep people from using their own property as they see fit
  • Make up fictitious products and encourage people to waste their money and vitality on them
  • When entrepeneurs want to start business, sue to stop them
  • When business wants to expand, sue to block it
  • Claims that failing, socialist Europe has it right and the once-free and prosperous United States has it wrong
  • Use the goodness and decency of average Americans against them

Yeah, if you wanted a plan to destroy this great country, you really wouldn’t need a better one than the one liberals (in both major parties) already have well under way right now.

The question is: America, are you going to put up with this?

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