American Clarion Week in Review, Ending Apr. 21, 2012

These were the top articles at American Clarion last week. This is your chance to catch up on the most important happenings and discussions of the past week before the new one rolls in.

A Progressive Perverts the Commerce Clause; but O’Reilly Gets it Right! (Publius Huldah) – Bill O’Reilly (Fox News) made our Framers proud when, on March 26, 2012, he correctly explained [probably for the first time ever on TV] the genuine meaning of the interstate commerce clause. O’Reilly’s guest was Big Government Progressive Caroline Fredrickson, Esq., of the inaptly named “American Constitution Society”. In trying to defend Obamacare, she said that our Framers intended to grant to Congress extensive powers over the “national economy”–even though founding documents clearly contradict her.

Christian Teacher in Ohio Battles Tyrannical Evolution Pushers (Gina Miller) – In Mount Vernon, Ohio, a 20-year teacher was fired for exercising his First Amendment religious freedom, and for encouraging his students to use their minds and think critically. The founders could have had something like this in mind when they enshrined religious and speech freedom in the Constitution, but they probably never dreamed the religion of evolution would be a threat.

Mystery Cyber Hack on Rush is Creepy Stuff (Gina Miller) – If you are a regular listener to his nationally syndicated radio program, you may have heard Rush Limbaugh relate his experience with a strange hacking experience with his iPhone while driving in to work on Tuesday morning. While using the voice transcription service to send a message to his wife, a politically related statement regarding President Obama came back…only Limbaugh had said nothing remotely like what the transcription service wrote.

The Left’s War on Men (David Bozeman) – There is no war on women. Still, the act of refuting such tripe obscures an insidious assault on the other half of the population. Males, who are still deemed the dominant sex, don’t exactly fit the template of a victim class, and, in truth, it is not so much men who are teetering on the brink of extinction, it is the concept of manhood. Statism grows incrementally by assuming the roles once assigned to fathers.

Liberals Admit: Tax Policy About Redistribution, Not Revenue (Bob Ellis) – This interview is one that every American should see–and many should watch it 10 times or more, until the truth of it sinks in. We have Liz Cheney interviewing columnist Charles Krauthammer about President Barack Obama’s zeal to tax successful Americans, regardless of whether it makes any economic sense whatsoever.

Georgia Enacts Drug Testing for Welfare Recipients (Bob Ellis) – Apparently lawmakers in Georgia have done what “Republicans” in South Dakota lacked the testicular fortitude to do: pass a law requiring drug testing of welfare recipients. And while South Dakota’s law would only require testing upon suspicion of drug use, it sounds like Georgia’s law will require testing of ALL applicants.

Atheism Unknown in America (William J. Federer) – On APRIL 17, 1790, the son of a poor candle-maker died. The 15th of 17 children, he apprenticed as a printer and published a popular almanac. He helped found the University of Pennsylvania, a hospital, America’s first postal system and fire department. He became the governor of Pennsylvania, signed the Declaration of Independence and called for prayer at the Constitutional Convention. His name was Ben Franklin.

Left Bashes Santorum Charity, Gives Pass to Obama (Bob Ellis) – There really is no hypocrisy too low for the Left, is there? MSNBC’s Martin Bashir, not content that he and his fellow “mainstream” media Leftists have driven Rick Santorum out of the presidential race, had to get in one final (I realize I could be speaking too soon when I say “final”) swipe at at conservative by bashing Santorum’s charitable giving.

Michael Savage Is Wrong About The Bible (Michael Day) – Let me be clear: I love Michael Savage. However, in his latest book, Trickle Down Tyranny (an absolute must read for all freedom-loving Americans) he misrepresents the Bible. In chapter three, page 63, addressing “Christian terrorism”, he points out that the Koran instructs, “smite an infidel and put a knife to his neck”, adding, “If you look at the Old Testament of the Bible, it has similar edicts.” While I agree with his main point, that not all terrorists are Muslims, I take exception to his conclusions about the Bible.

Does the ‘Real’ Truth Matter Anymore? (Carrie K. Hutchens) – Even the average person, not touched with enlightenment, should be able to see and comprehend that the Catholic church is not attempting to take contraceptives away from the women of the world. The church is saying, it shouldn’t be forced to pay for something it feels is immoral and goes against its teachings. What part of this reality and truth is so difficult to comprehend by the ever so brilliant ones?

Thank  you to our writers for their hard work and dedication, and to our readers for making these stand out as the best of the best!

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