Does the ‘Real’ Truth Matter Anymore?

There is the “real” truth which simply is no matter what transpires or is said, and then, there is the “alleged” truth that is spun and weaved and often professionally packaged by some of the best spinners & weavers around.  I call them paid liars.  Sadly, too  many others seem to feel these spinners speak with an enlightenment that us regular folk just can’t comprehend.  Yeah right.

Even the average person, not touched with enlightenment, should be able to see and comprehend that the Catholic church is not attempting to take contraceptives away from the women of the world.  The church is saying, it shouldn’t be forced to pay for something it feels is immoral and goes against its teachings.  What part of this reality and truth is so difficult to comprehend by the ever so brilliant ones?

Whether the church pays for the contraceptives or not, the contraceptives are available, so why is it so important for Obama & his Pals to force the Catholic church to pay for something it feels is immoral?  That is something people should be focusing on and trying to find answers for.  Instead, the spinners and weavers are playing little word games and throwing out catchy little phrases to try and divert attention away from the truth, while detouring it towards an illusion of how the church is trying to do something really bad to these poor, sick women that can’t do without the contraceptives that they will be allegedly denied, if the church doesn’t bow down and break the rules for them.  Poor things!

I wonder just what it is that these women have been doing?  Who has been paying for their contraceptives thus far?  Why wasn’t it a big deal that the church pay for them prior to the mandate being pushed on religious organizations?  Because someone has been going to a great deal of trouble, it would seem, to make women feel like victims, who are going to be wrongly “denied access” to something they “want”.  The “want” has been transformed into “need” and the requirement to pay a co-pay (as people do for inhalers) or they, themselves, pay for a portion of their insurance policy, has been transformed into a “denial of access” to what they “want”.  How dare they have to pay a co-pay or go grab some contraceptives at Planned Parenthood or somewhere else where they are more than happy to give out contraceptives for little of nothing?

Just think…

According to the Obama & Pal spinners, if the Catholic and other Christian churches don’t break down and completely pay for these contraceptives (so there will be no out-of-pocket expense to the woman), we are going to revert back to the stone ages, and women’s health is going to go to Hades like nobody’s business.  Most likely, we are going to have women dropping dead on the street.  It’s that desperate, you know.  Listen to the spinners.  Listen to the desperation and just how dire it will be if churches and religious organizations don’t make it all easy and free and all on them.

The “real” truth is…

This isn’t a matter of seeing that all women have access to contraceptives pretty much upon demand, because they already do.  This is obviously a matter of destroying the Catholic, and other Christian, churches.  It is a matter of trying to make them go against their beliefs and teachings and then brand them hypocrites.  It’s a way of mocking all Christian religions and beliefs and showing that the government — not they — have the power to control and decree the morality of the world.

We must not allow the “alleged” truth to blind us to the “real” truth.

This isn’t a “War on Women” playing out.  It is, instead, a “War on Christianity”, and it is a very real war happening right in front of us and around us, no matter what illusion the spinners try to weave or package it to be.

Does the “real” truth matter anymore?

One can hope that it does and that the “truth” fever spreads far and wide!  But we can no longer “only hope”! We must help spread the truth as though there is no tomorrow, for without the truth, we may be closer to no more tomorrows as a free people than we might suppose possible in our wildest dreams.

Loss of freedom through deception has become a very real threat.  Don’t be fooled by the deceivers.  Look for the truth and test it for authenticity.  Stand up for religious freedom.  It may be your last chance to stay free.


  1. retiredday says:

    As God and God’s standards have been systematically been removed from society’s institutions and values, “truth” has changed from something that is absolute and greater than the individual, to something that is relative and subject to individual interpretation. 

    Today our youth are being taught that truth is consensus, popular opinion.  This is why our “handlers” (the ruling class, the elite, the powerful, the dictators who have come in to fill the vacuum created by the apathy of the electorate) put so much time and effort into molding public opinion. 

    A people who do not know the truth are being told what to think and how to think about it.  Rather than being motivated to seek the highest and best goals out of reverence for God’s ultimate truth, masses of Americans  are being led around like a great water buffalo with a ring in its nose and a string tied to it.  It will go wherever the string pulls them, even if it’s only a small child pulling the string. 

    • Carrie K. Hutchens says:

       Indeed!  Thank you for sharing your thoughts.  I keep hoping that people will wake up and it seems as though some are.  Perhaps a few at a time will eventually lead to a rebirth of truth & reality of the masses and get us back on the right track.