Occupests Plan to Infiltrate Tea Party Gatherings

Remember the infiltration by Leftist troublemakers that Tea Party groups have had to deal with over the past three years?

It sounds like the Occupests are going to ramp that up and make it even worse.

Perhaps they realize too many people have seen the stark night/day difference between the Tea Party patriots and the lawless Marxists in the Occupy Wall Street movement.  You know: all the fighting, disturbances, intimidation and harassment,  property damage, assaults, trouble with police, and general mayhem that accompanies so many Occupest  gatherings?  This anti-American rabble probably realizes that even with the whitewashing efforts of the Obama Administration’s Ministry of Public Enlightenment (aka the “mainstream” media) to help them, there are still too many Americans who realize the Tea Party is a law-abiding movement while the Occupy Wall Street is a lawless one.

Now they mean to infiltrate Tea Party gatherings and make it appear that Tea Party people are lawless, just like they are.

I wouldn’t put it past them to bring some more of the racist signs and rhetoric they’ve brought to Tea Party events in the past, in a pathetic attempt to make Tea Party people look like the racists the Democrat Party has proven itself to be for over 150 years. Given all the racist material we’ve seen at Occupest gatherings, they should have plenty of it on hand to bring over to mislead people at a Tea Party gathering.

This video from Glenn Beck’s GBTV discusses Occupest training that outlines plans to recruit, incite problems, create confrontations and so forth at Tea Party gatherings. Expect more of what you will see in the second video below (LANGUAGE WARNING) and much, much worse.

Woodrow Wilcox


Tea Party folks, when you have a meeting or public gathering, you should make contact with the police beforehand, let them know what you’ll be doing and when, and any expected crowd numbers you may have. This will help the police have enough patrols in the area to help if you need them; keep the police on speed dial on your cell phone. Also make sure you have lots of your own people with cameras and camcorders to catch these people on video so it is clear who the instigators are.

But above all, do not let these anti-American Marxist intimidate you . Do not let them have the greatest nation ever created and let them turn it into another Marxist hellhole.



The Left on Display in Madison

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