A New USS South Dakota to be Commissioned

PIERRE,S.D. – A statement from Gov. Dennis Daugaard in response to today’s U.S. Navy announcement that a new attack submarine will be named the USS South Dakota:

“I’m pleased that a third Navy ship is to be named in honor of South Dakota. The first USS South Dakota was an armored cruiser that served in World War I. The USS South Dakota battleship that served during World War II had an especially storied history, winning 13 battle stars, and it’s a fitting tribute that a U.S. Navy attack submarine will now carry that name around the globe. We are proud of those who served on our namesake ships in the past, and will be equally proud of those who have the honor of being assigned to this new vessel.”

Virginia-class attack submarine

Virginia-class attack submarine (Graphic by Ron Stern)

USN photo of USS South Dakota taken during her shakedown period, July 1942.

USN photo of USS South Dakota taken during her shakedown period, July 1942.

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