Additional ‘Mischief’ Exposed

Romney and Santorum

Romney and Santorum (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

How to explain to “the man on the street” that a candidate challenging the leader drops out while two other non factors remain undaunted? I mean, Senator Santorum, with 281 delegates and with the Pennsylvania primary just two weeks away, concedes to a “leader” who has averaged only 41% support. Meanwhile, Gingrich vows to continue to the convention while amassing a meager 135 delegates. How can that be satisfactorily explained?

Another point to consider is that throughout Santorum’s announcement to suspend his campaign, I have yet to hear the reasons which caused this shocker. This absence of satisfying the “why” question now insinuates the more murkier side of politics.

This particular primary season has been born out of sheer necessity. Just about every criticism of our current President still misses the totality of his incompetence and anti-American agenda. This is the landscape to which all Republican candidates vowed to reverse. However, as each succeeding candidate withdrew, one noticeable fact became evident. With the exception of Huntsman, who really never was a true contender, all the drop-outs came from the Republican Party’s conservative wing.

As each conservative challenger took their time in the barrel, our nation’s media began their dissections with delight. Obviously, the most shameful were reserved for Herman Cain, who initially withstood the strain from unsubstantiated accusations. Guilty or innocent was never the object since his withdrawal brought an immediate end to all accusations while attempts at investigative reporting also surprisingly ceased.

As conservative voters across the country watched this serial horror show, their resolved stiffened with the knowledge that in Senator Santorum, they had a veteran campaigner who made a career of winning as an underdog. Just last week, Rick mentioned that it was only halfway over. “The clock starts tonight.” That was on April 3rd. Now, what happened and why?

Back in January, Rick said, “Trust is a big issue in this election. Who are you going to trust when the pressure is on, when we’re in that debate? It’s great to be glib, but it’s better to be principled.” Now, does this sound like a quitter? After his late March primary win in Louisiana, Rick told supporters, “We’re still here. We’re still fighting. We still believe, as this race really shows.” Again, what took place within these past two weeks?

Santorum’s timing really is questionable. His message was a breath of fresh air. What politician, let alone a Presidential candidate, has had the nerve to walk this third rail of politics? He stood for morality, family, religion, patriotism and most of all, our beloved Constitution. Any one of those would summon media rebuke. His total presentation was presented to the public as ill-timed, unfounded and out of date. He was essentially delegitimized, both in the media and by many of his peers. Yet still, he continued to win primaries.

There is little doubt that pressure was applied. Pressure comes in all forms. I doubt that enticements would be effective in Santorum’s case. Reasons, such as campaign debt and family concerns surrounding their 3-year-old will be paraded as motives. However, one stubborn fact remains. Why was it that for such a dedicated Constitutionalist, one who endlessly preached the need for a return to our foundations, why would he withdrawal at such an unprecedented campaign point? After all, he began his campaign with a full realization of his financial shortcomings and family concerns.

There is little doubt that the Republican Party, from years past, is no longer. Their record for middle of the road preferences is too consistent. This 2012 primary season may well be remembered as the coming out party for the liberal Republican Establishment. By that I mean what hesitantly emerged during the 2010 mid-terms has now formed into an identifiable image during this Republican primary.

Up until this unveiling, much was surmised as innocently promoting a good man who failed to win. After all, Dole was a war hero with an extensive Senate record. Same can be said for McCain. Well, with the 2010 mid-term reception that some newcomers endured from Republican bigwigs, coupled with this torpedoing of a possible Santorum nomination in Tampa, there exists an unmistakable fact that for too long, we have been “led to the slaughter” by an association of unknown and shadowy king makers.

Along with Obama, we must address and dismantle these Republican insiders who apparently detest the qualities of conservatism in general and what Santorum represented in particular.

Our normal and expected opponent in any political race is a given. What is not a given and ultimately what gives them their strength is their hidden and unknown machinations which over the years have sunk both our Constitutional spirits and our candidates.

This mischief abounds and has produced a bevy of successes. Even when Republicans manage to take the White House, they usually are somewhat lackluster and/or disappointing. I remember one promise to “read my lips” while another promised “not to nation build.” Could these reversals reflect upon the Establishment’s reach and influence?

The most fundamental fact, oblivious to our recognition, is that since governments have existed, conspiracies have been their red-headed step children. They go hand in hand. Some are revealed but many go quietly into the night, with their resulting disorder or destruction being their only trace.

While many continue to choose laughter when a conspiracy subject surfaces, consider human nature and how we all experienced those individual social groupings during high school. At higher learning levels, they were formalized by fraternities and sororities. All innocent associations, yet brought about through basic conspiratorial groupings.

Beside the combative Republican versus Democrat line up, we would be well served to analyze the nature of our desperate struggle. Patton exclaimed, when referring to Rommel, that, “I read your book.” We cannot win without identifying all who we face. The struggle is two-fold and with Santorum’s sudden withdrawal, it appears that to the Republican Establishment, eliminating conservatism may take precedence over beating Obama. As such, both elements must be met head on and defeated.

The devil is in the details. Every challenger to Romney experienced both the media and the Establishment’s wrath. This record speaks for itself and it’s one which that man on the street will easily understand.

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