211 Helpline Center Releases Community Trends Report

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The Helpline Center released its 2011 Community Trends report today, providing insight into the needs of area residents and the ability of local organizations to help meet those needs.

The Helpline Center connects Black Hills area residents to non-profit, social service and government agencies through its 211 phone line 24 hours a day when they need financial assistance, health care options, mental health care, substance abuse providers, support groups and more. Every 211 call is tracked based on each caller’s need and the information provided to the caller.

The goal of the Community Trends report is to provide an overview of the trends and needs identified by the Helpline Center based on its 211 call data. This overview is utilized by agencies, employers, community officials and faith-based organizations  as they seek to understand the needs of area residents and gaps within the social service, nonprofit and government programs in the Black Hills.

During 2011, the Helpline Center answered 8,876 calls on its 211 line. The following are highlights from the 2011 report. .

  • There were 16,334,661 calls made to 211 in the US in 2011. Call rate based upon US population was 5.3%
  • In Rapid City the 211 call rate was 11%.
  • Suicide and Crisis Support calls went up by 10.6%.
  • Financial Assistance is yet again the number one requested resource with 2,256 calls.
  • Over 98% of callers surveyed were satisfied with service from the Helpline Center.

The top five requested services included financial assistance, government information, mental health information, business and basic immediate needs. Significant increases were documented in government licensing, emotional distress and substance abuse information.

The complete Community Trends report is available at helplinecenter.org by dialing 211.

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