Understanding the Language of the Left Part 2

Last week we discussed the confusing world of the language of liberalism. Understanding liberals can be very difficult for the average American, because according to the doctrine of liberalism, many of the rules most of us live by have been suspended.

For example:

  • Logic is optional, and can often be an inconvenient impediment to the liberal argument
  • Reason is optional, and can often be an inconvenient impediment to the liberal argument
  • Facts are unimportant, especially if they present an obstacle to the liberal argument
  • Truth is what you want it to be
  • Reality can be and usually is suspended to make way for dreams and desires

In the first video in this installment from MRCTV we examined how liberals change what they call their ideas when people have figured out how bankrupt those ideas are and they have become unpopular. Indeed, liberals have even changed the name of their unpopular philosophy from liberalism to progressivism.  After all, who could possibly be opposed to progress…unless that “progress” is taking you closer to the edge of a cliff, the jaws of an alligator, or the maw of a wood chipper? (Which is what “progressivism” is figuratively taking our nation closer to).

This second installment from MRCTV on the language of liberalism is their use of the word “workers” and associated variations.

Normal people frequently use this term to describe blue-collar workers, but for liberals, it almost always means “labor union members.”

Liberals like to pretend (remember the key tenets of liberal “thought” listed above) that in America, people are locked into a caste system, where they are forced to live in economic classes, out of which they have no escape. In the liberal mind, it is impossible in America to study harder, work harder, achieve success and move (without the aid of government) from one economic strata to another.

In the liberal mind, one cannot even freely leave one employer and apply for a job at another business; people who are not members of “the rich” are locked into the same job for life, and cannot seek employment at any other business without the aid of the government. “Workers” are also incapable of working harder or otherwise making their labor more valuable, thus earning a raise, more benefits or a promotion without the aid of government.

Liberals employ these concepts based on a Marxist philosophy which breeds envy and class warfare. “Workers” are supposed to hate those who have worked harder or are otherwise more fortunate than themselves for having more property than “the workers.” Liberal Marxist class envy dictates that “workers” are entitled to have the government take property earned by “the rich” and redistribute it to “the workers.”

When we think about “labor” and “unions,” we are not expected to think of the typical union thug who forces people to join their group and surrender their property in the form of dues whether they want to or not. Instead we are supposed to think of “families” when we think of labor unions.

Don’t forget to read the American Clarion Guide to LiberalSpeak, and keep it handy. In an election season where we are sure to see the “mainstream” media distort reality like never before in history, you’re going to need it to make sense of things.


  1. thisoldspouse says:

    Good job of educating, Bob.  I am becoming increasingly attuned to the Newspeak disseminated by leftist outlets, and the airwaves are absolutely rife with them today.  The infection is even spreading to conservative sources to some degree when they unwittingly adopt the presuppositions and language of the Left.  We have to be ever vigilant against this and inoculate ourselves with the truth; from Scripture to the writings of the American Founders as well as other sound, old-school philosophers.

    • Bob Ellis says:

      Very true. We lose ground when we cede philosophical ground to the enemy through the imprudent use of language. I make that mistake sometimes myself (DCM usually sets me straight, though 🙂 but we need to be on guard against it so we can regain control of the public arena. We didn’t lose it overnight, and we certainly won’t reclaim it overnight.