Martin-Zimmerman: Threat of Race Riots is a Call for Justice?

From the Million Hoodies Union Square protest against Trayvon Martin's shooting death in Sanford, Florida.

From the Million Hoodies Union Square protest against Trayvon Martin's shooting death in Sanford, Florida. (Photo credit; David Shankbone)

I read “Martin Family Lawyers Warn Special Prosecutor Of Worldwide ‘Pandemonium’ If Zimmerman Not Prosecuted” on Patrick Dollard‘s site and I’m a little more than ticked.  This isn’t a call for justice, this is outright blackmail and a demand for “special treatment” and all before anyone even knows what the special prosecutor has decided or what the evidence — EVIDENCE — has shown to be the most likely truth of that fateful day.

I’m sorry Trayvon is dead.  He was only a kid getting started with his life.   However, I can’t say that he is completely innocent in whatever took place between him and Zimmerman, because we don’t know yet what the evidence shows.  But… what if… yes, what if… Trayvon really did come out of nowhere and attacked Zimmerman while Zimmerman was merely standing there waiting on officers to show up?  We are to ignore that little bit of information because he is a black kid allegedly attacked by a hispanic that most keep referring to as a “White-hispanic” or referred to by some as someone of the so-called white race with no mention of the hispanic aspect of it all?

Trayvon, without knowing what the evidence shows, is automatically the victim killed at the hands of a vigilante and the white race must pay regardless?

Who will these riots be against?

The whites or the so-called “white Hispanics” or the Hispanics or anyone not of Trayvon’s shade of skin color?

Will it matter that these people have nothing to do with what took place between Trayvon Martin & George Zimmerman?

Will it matter that these people had no control over the decision of the investigating officers, lab techs, prosecutor, judge or anyone else that might be involved in a decision as to whether this case provided appropriate evidence leading to charges or prosecution?

Doesn’t sound like it when we listen to the threats of Trayvon’s family’s attorney.  Sounds like an open threat that no matter what the evidence shows, Zimmerman better be arrested and convicted or else we shall have race riots in retaliation.  There is no call for justice in that threat — but rather, only a call for revenge regardless of who might have been at fault.  That’s what gets my ticked off-mode a going.

I have never in my life screamed for a justice for myself that I would not scream for in behalf of “all” others.  Justice is, after all — justice.  It sees no color or financial status or any other object that might be placed on the table of discussion.  It also excuses none beyond any other.

Threat of riots is a call for justice? Not hardly. It does say a great deal though. Truly it does.  Those calling for riots, if a person isn’t arrested and convicted per their decision, regardless of the evidence — are not seeking justice.  They, I believe, are seeking something all right and a poor kid’s death is being used as their excuse to further that agenda.  How sad!  I know I certainly wouldn’t want my child to be that token to stroke a fire that maybe shouldn’t be stoked.  But then… no one I know would suggest a racial riot as being an answer to anything either.

May truth shine and justice prevail simply because that is how it is supposed to be!

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