Quiet Before Evil is Treason to Humanity

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William Booth and Catherine Bramwell-Booth

William Booth and Catherine Bramwell-Booth, c. 1904

American Minute from William J. Federer

Millions of people in 118 countries are helped by The Salvation Army, founded by William Booth, who was born APRIL 10, 1829.

William and Catherine Booth began by ministering to the poor, drunk and outcast on the dirty and dangerous streets of London’s east side.

They fought to end sex-trafficking and teenage prostitution in England.

Catherine Booth said:

“I felt as though I must go and walk the streets and besiege the dens where these hellish iniquities are going on. To keep quiet seemed like being a traitor to humanity.”

In 30 years, the number of the Salvation Army rescue homes grew from one in Whitechapel to 117 homes around the world.

With the help of Josephine Butler, the Salvation Army worked to pass England’s Criminal Law Amendment Act in 1885, raising the age of consent, which before was only 13 years of age.

Awarded an honorary degree from Oxford, Booth traveled the United States, met President Theodore Roosevelt and opened a session of the United States Senate with prayer.

William Booth wrote:

“While there is a drunkard left, while there is a lost girl upon the streets, where there remains one dark soul without the light of God-I’ll fight! I’ll fight to the very end.”

Years after his death, William Booth’s daughter, Evangeline, became their new leader.

President Franklin Roosevelt sent her a telegram, September 4, 1934, saying:

“Please accept my sincere congratulations on your election as General of the Salvation Army throughout the world. In these troubled times it is particularly important that the leadership of all good forces shall work for the amelioration of human suffering and for the preservation of the highest spiritual ideals.”

FDR concluded:

“Your efforts as Commander-in-Chief of the Salvation Army…have earned the gratitude and admiration of millions of your countrymen.”

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