Prominent Right-Wing Group Calls for Violence, Racial Hatred

It’s hard to believe the “mainstream” media hasn’t been all over this yet, but a very prominent and well-known Right-wing group has made some pretty shocking statements.  To be honest, they make Rush Limbaugh’s statement about a woman who is having so much sex that it costs $3,000 a year to pay for her contraception pale in comparison.

As you will hear in this video, a female member of the organization in Florida stated just two days ago has declared open, armed war against people who are not of her skin color; she even used some racial epithets against those she hates. She says arming for war with them is “long overdue.” She said that if nonviolence meant “a solution” was postponed, then she was for violence. She called for a bounty, dead or alive, on the head of her enemy. People of other skin colors needed to be scared, she made clear.

A national spokesman for the group said two days ago concurred with these sentiments, stating that bloodshed would be necessary before change could occur.  Waxing religious, he said that we would have to cross “the Red Sea,” and that the Bible was talking about blood here, and not merely the name of a body of water. Further, he said our society would have to be destroyed in order to make things better, and that people of other skin colors were of the “devil.”

Sounding like one of the survivalists or militia members we have  become accustomed to hearing about in the past 20 years, the man said people need to get training on how to fight. People also need to stock up on food and weapons, he said, so that others would know they were serious.

He even said his group wanted “the complete removal of capitalism” because “capitalism sets up a class structure” and that a pivotal point of capitalism is racism.

Did I mention that this group is the Black Panthers?  What’s that? You say the Black Panthers isn’t a Right-wing group?  Well, I figured since the “mainstream” media has made it clear to the American public that whites–particularly white conservatives–are the only real racists in America, so when I heard racist rhetoric, I figured it had to be a Right-wing group talking here. Throw in the violent talk–we know that Right-wingers are the real violent ones in America–and it seemed to me to be an open-and-shut case that this was a Right-wing group talking like this.

My shock that the “mainstream” media hasn’t been plastering this story all over the papers/airwaves 24/7?  No shock at all, when you realize this came from the Black Panthers, and the Panthers are “fellow travelers” with the “mainstream” media and their Leftist agenda.


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