Obama Wins 2012 Re-Election

You can mark April 10, 2012 as the day Barack Obama won his second term as president of  the United States. For all intents and purposes, we might as well inaugurate Obama for another four years tomorrow and get it over with.


Because instead of supporting a Republican candidate who exemplified Republican values, the liberal GOP establishment shoved a pathetic excuse for a Republican down our throats and insisted we like it.

As you have probably heard by now, Rick Santorum, the last reliably conservative candidate, “suspended” his campaign today.  That really only leaves Newt Gingrich (too many Republicans have too many doubts about his wishy-washy record for him to have a chance, and his recent apparent attempts to suck up to Romney won’t play well with conservatives, either) and Ron Paul (whose pro-drug, anti-Israel, head-in-the-sand foreign policy isn’t going to sell to many real Republicans)…which means, Mitt “RomneyCare” Romney has wrapped up the GOP nomination.

Which means Barack Obama is a shoe-in for re-election.  Thanks, RINOs.

Now before you say I’m being defeatist, let me head you off at the pass and correct any such “Barbara Streisand” right away.

Sadly, it was too many Republicans being defeatist that has led to this impending Barack Obama victory. Instead of believing in our values and in our party, too many on the Right have believed the liberal narrative, adopted a defeatist attitude and taken the easy route…which will bite us like it always does.

First, it was the RINO GOP establishment who is either so infatuated with liberalism that they insist on hijacking the Republican Party and making it the “Democrat-Lite Party,” or is so afraid that a real Republican with authentic conservative values can’t win (read: DEFEATIST), that they have shoved a liberal-with-an-“R”-after-his-name down the throats of rank and file Republicans.  If Joe Scarborough is to be believed, regardless of which of these two possibilities is the case, either way, the GOP establishment has led with the defeatist attitude.

Second, it was too many rank and file Republicans adopting a defeatist attitude for believing the bilge being peddled by the “mainstream” media and RINO GOP establishment that “Romney is the only one who can win.”  Instead of continuing forward with the wind in our sails generated by the 2009 rise of the Tea Party movement and the historic 2010 congressional shift…Republicans wimped out.  Many were soooo afraid that a real Republican couldn’t defeat an ultra-Leftist like Obama, they sold out to the smack being peddled by the liberals and supported a pale imitation of Obama who has supported some of Obama’s most destructive policies (government health care, counterfeit marriage, abortion, and cap and trade nonsense).

I believed all along that a solid Republican could win, but too many Republicans let the “mainstream” media tell them what to think as they launched their scorched-earth campaigns of propaganda against the best Republican candidates. Though Santorum was not the best Republican candidate, he was better than what has been left the last three months, and still would have been able to handily defeat a Leftist like Obama. Even with Santorum’s imperfect record, the contrast between Santorum and the Marxist-in-Chief would have presented a clear and easy choice for most Americans; unfortunately, now Americans will be left with a choice between liberalism and liberalism-lite (when given a choice between a cheap knock-off and the genuine article, most people go with the genuine article a la 1996 and 2008).

If Newt Gingrich would have dropped out or joined forces with Santorum, they could have easily turned this race around and defeated Romney.  For most of the GOP campaign so far, Romney has never been able to score support higher than 30-something percent, and that has been very tepid support.

As for me, for the first time in my life, it looks like I won’t be voting “Republican” for a presidential candidate this year. I darned sure won’t be voting for an anti-American Marxist like Barack Obama, but let’s face it: the RINO establishment has made sure I have no Republican candidate to vote for. I know Mitt Romney has an “R” after his name and calls himself a Republican, but I cannot in good conscience or honesty (and without losing my lunch) call a pro-homosexual, pro-abortion, pro-government health care, pro-cap and trade liberal a “Republican.” As tarnished as the Republican brand is, I just can’t suspend reality far enough to call such a liberal candidate a “Republican.”  So it looks like I’ll be voting Constitution Party or something like that.

Oh, I know all the arguments (“You’ll be throwing away your vote” or “You’ll be indirectly supporting Obama”); I’ve used them myself. After all, unlike some of my Republican friends who had more loyalty to their principles than I did, I held my nose in 1996 and 2008 and voted for a RINO, the “lesser of two evils.”  I simply can’t do it again.

Why not?  Three  reasons, basically.

(1) As bad as Bob Dole and John McCain were, they weren’t nearly as bad as Mitt Romney. Both Dole and McCain had supported some liberal policies, and both had been weak in defending Republican values…but they weren’t nearly as bad as Romney. Romney has affirmatively pushed liberal policies like government health care schemes that trample freedom, counterfeit marriage that undermines family and the sanctity of marriage, abortion that destroys innocent human life, and believes in the hoax of anthropogenic global warming along with the cap-and-trade schemes that always come with such fantasies. Romney hasn’t just paid them lip service, he’s actively backed them and engineered their implementation.

(2) I’ve had it up to my eyebrows with being pushed around by the RINO establishment of the Republican Party. For many years now, they’ve pushed worthless liberal candidates on us and expected rank and file Republicans to just suck it up.  They’ve arrogantly pushed “the lesser of two evils” on their base, and expected us to play along. I’ve had enough of being taken for granted. I’ve had enough being used. I’ve had enough being a tool for a bunch of liberals who demean and devalue the once-proud brand known as “Republican.” I had hoped they would learn their lesson after 1996; they didn’t. I had hoped they would learn after the humiliating defeat of 2008; they didn’t.  I had hoped that the power of the Tea Party movement would teach them an affirmative lesson; it didn’t.  I can no longer reward their haughty belligerence by going along with them. Apparently, it will take an absolutely crushing and shameful loss on the national stage before there can be any hope of these Republican liberals learning their lesson. It may take a brutal short-term loss to achieve long-term gain, i.e. a return of the Republican Party to Republican values. Regardless, I’m done carrying the water for people who hold my and my party’s values in contempt. I’m done taking up the slack for a group of people who make extremely bad decisions while expecting me and others like me to make their bad decisions workable.

(3) Romney can’t win anyway. As 1996 and 2008 illustrated, these worthless faux Republican candidates can’t win.  Liberals are always going to support the Democrat candidate; liberals have no real principles to begin with, so no matter how much or how little liberal the candidate is, if he’s a Democrat, they’ll vote for him. Independents?  As I said, when given a choice between a cheap knock-off and the genuine article, people who are ideologically confused or unmoored and often uninformed to begin with are always going to go with the genuine article.  Republicans?  As I’ve already pointed out, too few of them could ignore their principles in 1996 and 2008 to help a RINO win; with Romney being the worst yet of those RINO candidates, fewer still (like me) are going to be able to stomach once again playing the tool for the GOP fatcats. The only “snowball’s chance in Hell” Romney has of pulling off a win is if the American people are so utterly fed up with Obama’s liberalism, they’ll support a lesser liberal simply to get rid of Obama.  But when you consider that the “mainstream” media will without a doubt (a) pull out all the stops (they’ve held back so far, to help him secure the nomination) to demonize Romney and expose the hypocrisy of his liberal record (and Republicans won’t be able to defend him, because they hypocrisy is true), and (b) stop and nothing to whitewash and rehabilitate Barack Obama’s image; they will pound the drums for Obama and against Romney nonstop like a broadcast of Hanoi Hannah pumped unrelentingly into the Hanoi Hilton.  Any outrage that has built over Barack Obama’s record will almost certainly be buried under the media barrage and apathy over the Republican nominee.

(3a) Could a VP pick help Romney’s anemic chances? Not likely.  When John McCain picked Sarah Palin in 2008, he helped make sure that his loss to Barack Obama wouldn’t be utterly humiliating, but with a candidate as determined to lose as McCain was, there was only so much she could do. Marco Rubio’s name has been kicked about, and while he was Tea Party-backed in 2010 and has shown a lot of promise, his recent amnesty for illegals plans will throw a lot of cold water on conservatives (as well as open him up to the same hypocrisy charges as the #1 name on the GOP ticket). Chris Christie is another name that keeps coming up, and while he has many good qualities, some of his more liberal tendencies like his faith in the religion of anthropogenic global warming will also chill conservatives toward supporting him on an already-poisonous ticket.  The only name that might get me to think twice (but still reject the idea, in the end) would be Florida Congressman Allen West. West is one of the few Republicans in Washington who gets it, and not only gets it but has the guts to give it back at the liberals with gusto. I’d support West for the #1 slot in a heartbeat, but for the #2…just not enough bang for the buck to convince me to surrender my principles yet again.

Sadly, the only hope patriots now have to preserve the American way of life is to concentrate on putting congress in Republican hands–and not just “Republicans,” but REPUBLICANS who believe in the values of their own party and who are committed to the principles upon which America was founded.

Practically, a Republican congress with strong belief in the principles of freedom and limited government that made our nation great will be needed to keep Barack Obama in check for the next four years. Even if Republicans control the legislative agenda, Obama and his “mainstream” media mouthpieces will rail and demonize a Republican congress, hoping to intimidate them into giving him what he demands. Republicans with fortitude and guts will be needed to stand against the Obamessiah. Obama will also undoubtedly try to “legislate from the Oval Office” if Republicans control congress, producing a blizzard of Executive Orders to unconstitutionally accomplish what he cannot get done through congress. Republicans with backbone will be needed to legislatively corral, curtail and shut down Obama’s Executive Order assault on America with legislation which targets his attempts and kills his executive orders and regulations with surgical strikes.

Legislatively, we must not only be able to hold the line against the advance of liberalism as we have been (mostly) able to do since 2010, but be able to push back, repeal, and undo the legislative damage done to our great nation.  First and foremost must be the repeal of ObamaCare (if the Supreme Court has not already killed it), then we need veto-proof majorities to undo regulatory nightmares such as financial “reform,” as well as wasteful programs like stimulus and TARP.  We must de-fang if not completely eliminate agencies like the Environmental Protection Agency, the National Labor Relations Board, and other arms of the government which are nothing but vehicles for Marxism and the targeting of American liberties. Also, if Romney were to manage to pull off a miracle victory, a congress with convictions grounded in American principles will be needed to keep him in check.

So although I know you Leftists out there are undoubtedly rejoicing that your Obamessiah will get to go up against a RINO and rip him to shreds for his very real hypocrisy, all is not lost.  Unlike liberals, we don’t look for government to rescue us from unpleasant circumstances; we get busy making the best of the situation, with an eye to a better day. You may control the White House for another four years, but if Republicans get busy and do it right, we can box your messiah in and render him nothing more than an impotent squatter in the White House until 2016.

Since I’m an optimist at heart, and because I still believe in what has always been best about this marvelous country, I bet we can do it, too!


  1. thisoldspouse says:

    For the life of me, I’ll never understand some “conservatives'” belief that you have to mix in just enough liberalism to make a candidate palatable.  That’s like saying you don’t want to be too healthy, so you inject just a little bit of a disease.

    It’s all just a sign of how morally sick we are as a nation.

  2. thisoldspouse says:

    We do have one more option, Bob.  Conservatives everywhere must make a herculean, concerted push to expose the real truth about this impostor-in-chief.  We must donate to organizations, such as Sheriff Arpaio’s posse, who are dedicated to uncovering and exposing the truth about this illegitimate Marxist poser.  We must never be silent until verifiable answers are given to the legitimate questions being posed.

    This might be our only hope.  A conservative congress can’t hold off Obama’s court appointments forever (four more years will practically be forever in political years) and just enough jello-spined “R’s” will cave to make this prospect a living nightmare.

    • Bob Ellis says:

      You’re right about those court appointments. Unfortunately, Romney’s record of appointments in Mass. is pretty scary. Unless he accidentally stumbled into a good nomination, we’d probably be about as bad as what Obama would nominate. At least if Obama is in the White House, Republicans MIGHT fight the nomination; if Romney’s in there, they’ll roll over and ask for their bellies to be scratched no matter what he sends their way.

  3. WXRGina says:

    Please, Lord!

  4. Ed Randazzo says:

    Bob, You are absolutely right on ALL counts…….well said and brilliantly written.
    My thoughts as a result are:
    1. God is either moving in our lives to bring this country to its knees so that revival can begin or He will move to show us the way in this election in His time.
    2. If RINO Romney is the sole opposition to the Left’s messiah, we will need to work harder than we ever dreamed to assure super majorities in the Senate and House of CONSERVATIVES, not RINOs, to defund and thwart Obama’s murderous plan to destroy America.

    God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Elijah and Elisha please show us how to serve You in this time of challenge for this nation that You gave us. Preserve us with the love of Jesus Christ and the power of Your Holy Spirit.

  5. retiredday says:

    I feel your pain.  But I gave up on the Republican party after decades of hoping for a Republican President who had a Republican Congress.  When that dream came true under Bush, what a slap in the face.  He set new records for spending, big government and assaulting the freedoms of Americans — all while calling himself a compassionate conservative.  I will never vote Republican again. 

    I saw this coming when the Republican debates began.  None of the candidates talked about the real conservative issues.  None of the debates really represented conservatism at all.  It was a set up from the start. For starters, the left controlled the debates.  The moderators were all notable leftists.  The questions and discussions never represented the values that true conservatives espouse.  It was a done deal from the beginning. 

    If you want to save America, stop looking to the Republicans.  That party (not all of its members) is part of the problem.  They’ll never solve it.  They’ll just ride down the slippery slope with all of the other one-world pan socialists.

  6. S'TRACY says:

    Mormon Romney just needs to get his lying, thiefing, act off the air; and the same for lying Obama who has not improved anything, furthermore, to me known as nothing but a murderer of innocent lives.  How dare he try to pass a law about “birth-control” to control the population; This “so-called president” has daughters whom he is going to regret ever thinking of this new “birth control law” included in our insurance is full of it. When women wanted the right to vote-petitioned-succeeded! When blacks wanted to be freed from slavery-petitioned-succeeded. They each have experienced and witnessed what has taken place, therefore have faught it justly and have succeeded. HOWEVER, BABIES cannot even speak for themselves which is where WE were assigned to SUPPORT THESE PRECIOUS INNOCENT LIVES. I plead and pray to GOD to get SANTORUM back in and bless him abundantly for he and his entire family are supporting their precious innocent life-BELLA. People you better wake up and smell our Mother’s Roses and see and feel what is damaging the world.