Democrat Receives Right to Life Endorsement

Woodrow Wilcox

Woodrow Wilcox

The Indiana Right To Life Political Action Committee has endorsed pro-life Democrat Woodrow Wilcox for Indiana’s congressional district seven in the Democratic primary on May 8.

Wilcox is challenging pro-abortion Congressman Andre Carson.  Wilcox explains why he is running against Carson on his campaign website

“Andre Carson has repeatedly voted to give millions of federal tax dollars to organizations that promote and / or provide abortion on demand,” Wilcox stated.  “I believe that most voters in congressional district seven would say that giving federal tax money to groups that promote or provide abortions is an immoral waste of federal tax money.  We can spend money on so many other things that are more important and more justifiable.  Almost one-third of aborted babies in America are African-American. Federal taxes should not be used to support abortion of any babies regardless of race or color.  So, I believe that Andre Carson’s values are not the values of most voters in the district.”

Also, Wilcox wants labor union political money to stop going to candidates who support giving federal money to pro-abortion groups.  Wilcox has written some articles that advocate cutting off union political money to candidates who support abortion on demand.  Wilcox was a regular contributor of articles to LABOR NEWS when it was published from Indianapolis.

Woodrow Wilcox and his family have been involved in the labor union movement for decades.  His cousin John Riffe was the vice president of the C.I.O. when it merged with the A.F.L. to form the A.F.L.-C.I.O.  His cousin Parker Baker was the vice president of a Teamsters local in Indianapolis.  His grandfather was a labor union organizer and first president of the local that he helped to form.  In the 1980’s, Wilcox was a point man on a labor union drive in Las Vegas.

In 1991, Woodrow Wilcox became the first person ever to stage a political demonstration at Walt Disney World without being arrested.  He was working at Walt Disney World when he learned that President George H. W. Bush was going to visit to attend a Points Of Light Foundation awards ceremony.  Wilcox studied and carried maps that showed the public right of ways at Walt Disney World.  When President Bush visited, Wilcox stood on a public right of way with a sign that read, “President Bush:  How can you see a thousand points of light but be blind to a million points of misery?  Extend unemployment benefits now!”

“My demonstration did not win any friends in management at my employer – the Walt Disney Company.  But, I took the chance and got news publicity for my demonstration because I wanted to do something to help the nine million Americans who could not find a job,” Wilcox explained.

Wilcox was interviewed by reporters from National Public Radio and local TV stations.  The Orlando Sentinel published a story about the Points Of Light Foundation event and included some paragraphs about Wilcox daring to stage a demonstration at Walt Disney World.  Until Wilcox succeeded, no one had ever staged a political demonstration at Walt Disney World without being arrested.  A cousin of Wilcox helped to make a video about the demonstration to extend unemployment benefits.  Until President Bush finally signed an extension of jobless benefits, the video about Woodrow Wilcox’s one man demonstration to help the unemployed was repeatedly shown on the public access TV channel in Washington, D.C.

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    Kind of like a pro-Jew Nazi.

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