Real Republicans Take on Fake Republicans in Primaries

Rep. Mark Kirkeby (R-Dist. 35, Rapid City)

Rep. Mark Kirkeby (R-Dist. 35, Rapid City)

There was an interesting report on “mainstream” media outlet KOTA tonight.  It’s about the efforts of real Republicans in South Dakota to bring some “primary” heat to “Republicans” in South Dakota government who act like Democrats.

Unfortunately, a number of “Republicans” in South Dakota have for years been acting like Democrats by pushing government health care, interfering with efforts to block ObamaCare, shooting down efforts to control illegal immigration, killed a Second Amendment bill for childish and petty reasons,  interfering with efforts to protect against the encroachment of Shariah law, blocking attempts to identify and eliminate drug use among welfare recipients, and attempting to hide their liberal voting records from the public.

These “Republicans” in leadership have even tossed from the “Republican” caucus two Republicans who strongly insist that Republicans uphold Republican values.  Several legislative scorecards compiled by several conservative groups over the past year make it clear why some “Republicans” can’t abide Republicans who believe in Republican values in their caucus.

Things smell bad in Pierre, these days, and the smell is liberal.

Gordon Howie brings up an extremely salient truth: if many “Republicans” (especially in the GOP leadership) are liberals who share the same values and agenda as Democrats, have we really gained anything with a Republican majority in the legislature?  No, we have not.  If you have a GOP that has the majority…yet either lacks the testicular fortitude to do the right thing, or actually supports liberal values, then you might as well not have a Republican majority.

In other words, what good is a cure for cancer…that produces more cancer?  That is what a “Republican” Party that produces liberal results does: generates more societal cancer.

Rep. Mark Kirkeby (R-Dist. 35) of Rapid City is also featured in the report. Kirkeby is and always has been one of those liberal “Republicans” who can’t be counted on when it comes time to advance the Republican agenda.

Kirkeby says the liberal votes he and other “Republicans” have made were “tough decisions.” Crap! They were cowardly decisions that please the “mainstream” media, take the easy road and continue the governmental and cultural rot that is destroying our state and nation. Taking the easy road has never in any rational person’s mind been considered a “tough decision.”

No one is looking for “robots,” but having Republicans who vote and act like Republicans would be nice. You’d scoff at someone who went around openly drinking and partying and potty-mouthed who called themselves a “Christian,” wouldn’t you? You’d shake your head in wonder at someone who was supposedly a player on your favorite football team, yet ran the plays of the opposing team, blocked his own team’s players, and extolled the virtues of the other team’s strategy, wouldn’t you? Why, then, is it too much to ask for people who call themselves Republicans to support Republican values and platform, and to consistently vote Republican values?

Kirkeby claims people who believe in Republican values are “divisive” in the Republican Party. What a pathetic joke. It is the liberal “Republicans” who vote like Democrats who are being divisive.  It isn’t hard to figure out that if someone insists on departing from what is normal and agreed upon (which is what the GOP platform is), then it is they who is being divisive.

This “movement,” as Kirkeby calls it, consists of Republicans who believe Republicans should act like Republicans and uphold items on the GOP platform. If Kirkeby is outside this “movement,” then he is outside the real Republican Party.

Kirkeby’s comments indicate he expects Republicans to oppose liberals in the Democrat Party…but let the liberals in the Republican Party push the same corrosive agenda as the Democrat Party.

Sorry, that’s not going to happen. We will insist that Republicans act like Republicans, or get into the liberal party that better reflects the bankrupt ideas they push. And we will continue to insist upon that integrity.


  1. WXRGina says:

    Man, it’s too bad no one is running against that Kirkeby guy!  With “Republicans” like him, who needs communist Democrats?

    Someone needs to point out that the commie Left is certainly NOT “above” running one of their own posing as a “conservative” to infiltrate the Republican side.  It certainly seems that Kirkeby is a prime suspect to actually be a Democrat plant.  His hostile, condescending words on just that one news clip alone sound exactly like what a hardcore Democrat would say.

    • Bob Ellis says:

      They were somewhat on the sly in that the state Senate seat he is running for is being vacated by someone who, while not as bad as Kirkeby, is more liberal than he should be for a Republican, and his intentions to step down were kept pretty quiet until it was very late in the game to get a good conservattive to run for the slot.

      There are some more liberal than Kirkeby, but he’s especially weak on social issues.