American Clarion Week in Review, Ending Mar. 31, 2012

Trayvon Mania Highlights Diseased Culture of the Left (Gina Miller) – This whole sorry Trayvon Martin ordeal and all the satellite stories that have come from it this week, just further illustrate the diseased culture of the Left. The Democrats are no one’s friend, but the people in the black community are largely blind to this fact. Since the 1960s, when the welfare state was established and the entitlement mentality was hatched in the hearts of so many Americans, the black family itself has spiraled steadily downward toward disintegration.

HERE WE GO AGAIN – Time for the Truth About Black Racism (Paul E. Scates) – It’s high time that black people learn that people with black skin are just as capable of self-serving lies, deceit and betrayal as people with white skin. Those things come not from skin color, but from the heart. Until black people reject racism in all its forms, including their own, then…”here we go again.”

Obama Clan Poised for War Against Constitution, SCOTUS (Kevin Mooney) – Even if the individual mandate included within Obamacare is overturned, the administration and its leftist allies stand poised to undermine the legitimacy of the U.S. Supreme Court and the Constitution itself. At their core, these efforts are designed to undermine the very document that protects individual freedom and limits federal government power by delegitimizing the Court which is specifically created to protect those liberties.

Freedom of Speech is Left’s Great Enemy (Gina Miller) – Why is freedom of speech such a great target of the communist Left? It is because those of us who understand the goals of the Left, and are willing to speak out, represent a serious threat to the Left’s power structure. When we publicly tell the truth about their evil plans for our nation, more and more people wake up and see the communist Left for what it is. People who have been lulled to sleep by the lies of the propaganda mouths in the media often wake up when they hear the truth.

Views on the News, Mar. 24, 2012 (David Coughlin) – Some views on the news from around the web: views on the economy from Canada Free Press; views on the upcoming election from American Thinker; election lessons from National Review Online; economic news from Town Hall and the New York Post; views on ObamaCare from National Review Online; and more.

Left’s Orwellian Censorship Campaign (J. Matt Barber) – The “progressive” movement wars against natural law, pushes perpetually failed secular-socialist policies and places — above constitutionally safeguarded individual liberty — thickheaded tenets of postmodern political correctness. Liberal elites demand tolerance for all things perverse and find intolerable all things righteous.

Creating Crislam, Abandoning Truth (Jennifer L Ferryman) – Pastor of a mega church in California, New York Times bestselling author, philanthropist, Rick Warren has obtained tremendous influence and power in the last 15 years. His most recent endeavor has been the bridging between world faiths. While many would see this as a laudable, even admirable, action, many are now deeply concerned.

Prayer Changes Things (William J. Federer) – Lincoln’s National Day of Humiliation, Fasting and Prayer was observed April 30, 1863. Two days later, a freak accident occurred which changed the course of the war.

Aborting Women’s Rights (Ken Connor) – When feminists talk about abortion, they do so in terms of women’s rights. Legalized abortion empowers women, they assert, because it puts them in control over their bodies; it gives them the choice whether or not to bear a child who has been conceived. What these proponents of “liberty” fail to consider, however, is that in many cases women are “choosing” abortion at the behest of someone else.

When a Christian People are Overtaken (William J. Federer) – Tenth President John Tyler was born MARCH 29, 1790. He was the first Vice-President ever to assume the Presidency when William Henry Harrison died after only one month in office.

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