HERE WE GO AGAIN – Time for the Truth About Black Racism

Trayvon Martin's father Tracy Martin and his mother Sabrina Fulton at the Union Square protest against Trayvon's shooting death.

Trayvon Martin's father Tracy Martin and his mother Sabrina Fulton at the Union Square protest against Trayvon's shooting death. (Photo credit: David Shankbone)

Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. – Albert Einstein

During a presidential campaign debate, President Ronald Reagan famously dismissed positions of his Democrat challenger with the line, “There he goes again…”, indicating his challenger was just rehashing some of the same old tired liberal policies and pretensions.

Well, “there they go again” is an apt description of the circus surrounding the shooting death of Trayvon Martin in Florida. The usual suspects – e.g., chief race-hustlers Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, plus many others aspiring to that role – are “outraged” and are demanding that police, instead of following established procedure and evidence, arrest the man responsible for the shooting, Neighborhood Watch volunteer George Zimmerman. In other words, because they’re outraged, Constitutional due process is supposed to be scrapped in favor of the very same “vigilante justice” of which they’re accusing Zimmerman.

But that’s typical, isn’t it? When it’s a white person (or in this case, an Hispanic) who attacks or shoots a black person, it’s evidence that (according to Jackson) “blacks are under attack.” Even President Obama chimed in, saying this incident indicates the need for a national “soul-searching” about race.

Really? So inter-racial attacks are evidence of racism? Well, let’s look at the truth, some factual data that the race hustlers, and apparently even the president, conveniently ignore. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, there are about 1.7 million inter-racial crimes annually. 1997 statistics show that of those, almost 1.3 million involved blacks and whites…and in 90% of those cases, whites were the victims and blacks were the perpetrators. Thus, using the same reasoning as Sharpton, Jackson and President Obama, the real focus of any “soul-searching” about racism needs to be done by “the black community.”

Yet in that same year (1997), over 2,300 whites were charged with “hate crimes,” while only 718 blacks were so charged. Because of population size, that means that blacks are fifty times more likely to commit violence against those of another race than white people!

Invert those numbers, and imagine the outcry from the NY Times, CNN, et al, about this “gross evidence of racism that is not being addressed,” blah, blah. But you can’t get thousands of blacks (and white-guilt ridden liberal fellow travelers) to attend protests and rallies, or the media to consistently portray any violent inter-racial encounters as evidence of white racism if you…well, look at the facts.

So of course those statistics have to be ignored by the politically correct politicians, else they’d have to abandon, for example, their campaign against “racial profiling” as unfair, prejudicial, etc. But if statistics show that blacks are more likely to commit crimes – just as they show that young people are more prone to crime than old people, or that males of whatever color are more apt to commit crimes than females – then racial profiling is simply good police work, isn’t it? And questioning young black males isn’t the same as arresting, charging and jailing them, after all. Since blacks are by far the most likely to suffer at the hands of black criminals, you’d think they, of all people, would appreciate any efforts by police to identify and apprehend the thugs that prey on them.

So the old canard about white racism gets trotted out again and again, reinforcing the notion among blacks that all whites are racist. Apparently, one effect of that is to justify any and all behavior by blacks towards white people. After all, I haven’t heard the president call for national soul-searching because of the three black men who shot and killed a white Mississippi State student just the other day, or because of the two black seventeen-year-olds who followed a white thirteen-year-old home, doused him with lighter fluid and ignited him with a cigarette lighter, while calling him “Whitey.” Invert the races of those two incidents, and Sharpton, Jackson and the rest of the race-baiters would be having the same field day as they’re having with the Martin case.

As one who lived with a father whose racism against blacks made the Archie Bunker character look tame in comparison, who grew up in white low-income housing projects and later worked in the construction industry which, back then, had more than its share of anti-black racists, I know what racism looks and sounds like. Because of that, I also recognize it when it comes from blacks towards whites, and in my sixty-two years, the most virulent racism I’ve ever seen is happening today, and it’s by blacks against whites.

Jackson and Sharpton and their ilk are partially responsible, for their own self-serving reasons – they get to shake down corporations for “contributions” (read: extortion) to their foundations (i.e., they’ve gotten rich off the racism blame game). But their inflamed rhetoric has engendered among many blacks the same racist distrust and hatred of whites that they decry and blame for such incidents as the Martin killing. Like most white people, most black people are woefully mis-informed and uninformed; so when they’re bombarded with the most ridiculous rhetoric, which is itself virulently racist, they naturally tend to believe the hype…especially when “racism” is a convenient excuse to cover their failures, lack of education, good-paying jobs, etc.

Instead of doing some personal “soul-searching” about lack of preparation in school, refusal to adapt to societal norms for public dress, language and behavior, how convenient it is to have that crutch to rely on: “It’s not my fault, it’s racism” is probably the most damning outcome of the decades-long civil right campaign, which has been co-opted and corrupted by the race hustlers. And why not hate “whitey,” since in this mindset it’s all white people’s fault…that you didn’t study, didn’t develop a decent work ethic, social skills, et al. Sharpton and Jackson, et al, should be calling for mercy, not justice, for if they received their just deserts for the damage their self-serving racial politics have done to generations of blacks condemned to lives of menial jobs, poverty and hopelessness, they’d be sharing jail cells with all those who mistakenly used the crutch of white racism to justify their criminal deeds.

But, here we go again…the race hustlers get TV time and acclaim from the ignorant, society gets more racial hatred, which will translate into more people being assaulted and killed, white and black, and continuing distrust between races.

Some people said electing our first black president would finally end the racial divisions in this country. But as Dr. King said, it’s not about the color of a man’s skin, but the content of his character. Once again, President Obama has displayed his lack of character by milking this tragic death for personal political gain, resorting to the “race card” instead of his pledge to unify the nation.

It’s high time that black people learn that people with black skin are just as capable of self-serving lies, deceit and betrayal as people with white skin. Those things come not from skin color, but from the heart. Until black people reject racism in all its forms, including their own, then…”here we go again.”


  1. DCM7 says:

    “Until black people reject racism in all its forms, including their own, then…’here we go again.'”

    Well said. No one has a right to decry racism in any form while they’re still holding on to their own. Making an issue out of race for any reason is racism, period. Race is really such a superficial thing anyway.

  2. Mully says:

    An excellent article. Thank you for pointing out what seems so obvious, but obviously is so unseen. 

  3. Tigerlily46514 says:

    You misquote both Jesse Jackson, and President Obama in this article, as well as your “statistics”.  I’d further elaborate, and take apart your entire blog apart, line by line, but i totally expect this comment will have to be “reviewed” prior to being accepted onto the comment list.

    • Bob Ellis says:

      Yes, your comment has been “reviewed.” We don’t allow liberals to come here and spew profanity, nor do we allow them to lie with impunity.

      Go ahead. Take your best shot.