Responding to Islam Seminar

The Family Heritage Alliance, Aglow International and Bighorn Canyon Ministries are sponsoring a seminar on “Responding to Islam” in Rapid City on Saturday, March 24.

There will be two sessions which offer the same material, to better fit your schedule. The first is 8am to noon, and the second is from 1pm to 5pm.

Location: Cedar Canyon Camp, 5130 Memorial Road, Rapid City


    • Christianity and Islam
    •  US Public Policy & Sharia Law
    •  Islam in World History


  • Kate Heying, Aglow Islamic Education and Awareness Coordinator from Gillette, WY
  • Pastor Dale Bartscher, Executive Director, Family Heritage Alliance
  • Pastor John Dennis, Communications Director, Family Heritage Alliance
  • Pastor Scott Craig, BigHorn Canyon Community Church

You MUST RSVP at or call  605-718-5433 to register.

Woodrow Wilcox


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